New Gear

7 Dec 2020


The NV-32-H’s new ‘Core Mode’ adds software-based DSP with integrated video switching for in-room collaboration spaces. ‘Core Mode’ transforms the device into a fully capable Q-SYS processor with local HDMI switching capabilities, in addition to its existing ‘Peripheral Mode’, which is designed for network HDMI video distribution over standard AV networks.

The NV-32-H offers a fully-featured audio processing engine for the Q-SYS Ecosystem, including 32 x 32 network audio channels, eight AEC channels, one VoIP softphone instance, and optional support for Software-based Dante. As with the rest of the Q-SYS processing portfolio, it also features a robust software-based control engine allowing for simple control integration for native Q-SYS devices as well as third-party connected devices.

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