29 Nov 2013

Roadshow full, Rock Box adds a little extra space

CX Summer Roadshow tours in February, with 20 leading distributors signed up and planning to fill the semi with brand new gear. Now we’ve added an extra truck – meet the Rock Box (above), which is a stretched prime mover with a 28′ pan. The ATS Rock Box is the only way the Roadshow could add truck space, since getting a one-day ‘pop up’ tradeshow into most venues would be cumbersome with two semis.

Rock Box is much more versatile, and it has all the comforts of a prime mover so the driver can live within the cab for the tour. This meets the ‘rock and roll’ objectives of the CX Roadshow, which is an outrageous success because it is fast and cost effective for the exhibitors!

The touring firms are:

A.T. Professional
Amber Technology
DTS Australia
Galactic Music
Hills SVL
Lexair Entertainment
Meyer Sound Australia
National Audio Systems
Phlips Selecon
PRG Australia
Production Audio Video Technology
Riedel Australia
Sennheiser Australia
Technical Audio Group
ULA Group


With the addition of the Rox Box, CX will have a couple more spaces on the tour, so the list above may grow a little.


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