22 Nov 2017

Rumours, Bits & Bytes. Wed 22 November

Well known industry guy, Thomas Kelly joins NAS in Sydney as of next Monday, departing Midwich. Prior that he was at Hills, enjoying some of Ted Pretty’s guidance. The (former) supreme leader of Hills is currently at a listed startup called Covata – which he says ‘listed too early, promised too much, delivered too little’. He cut the headcount from 46 to 21 and halved the cash burn rate.

As they celebrate their 30th business Anniversary, Tiny and Robyn Good’s Showtech Australia Pty Ltd has announced the appointment of Trevor Stubley as General Manager. It’s a reflection of the growth and demand both nationally and internationally of Showtech Australia, Showtech Rigging & Showtech Automation. Please welcome Trevor by email:

The winds of change are picking up speed ahead of the impending rearrangement of the audio distribution game in Australasia. This is all just ahead of the Spatial audio mixing (3D) revolution which promises to see more audio gear in venues where audiences will come to demand this new kind of sound. Hearing is believing, CX has heard three different demos recently and all we can say is: WOW!

While this is going on, several significant audio specialists are on the loose. With the demise of Meyer Sound Australia, you have Steve Devine and Harley Richardson both on deck chairs. Also looking at options is former Bose International top shot Michael Guest.

Stuart Coupe’s road crew book will be a corker. There’s a famous road crew story that a lighting guy (with a stutter) – was up a ladder sorting out a lighting issue. He yelled down to a crew guy below on the stage and asked him to get something. “Sssssure Ppppeeetterrrr,” the guy said. Convinced that the guy was having a go at him over his speech issues our hero climbed down his ladder and decked the guy. Only later did he realise that the crew guy also had a stutter.

Some of the other tales, true as they are, we hope get a run: The band crew who drove the rental car into the motel swimming pool, then called Avis to report a problem with the electrics. And the time a couple of Sherbet crew decided to go kangaroo shooting outback somewhere in the rental car – after ‘removing’ the front windscreen…..


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