6 Jul 2013

SafeTCard Personal Safety Solutions

The SafeTCard was invented for use by anyone working alone in possibly hazardous situations, and could be used by security staff and on-duty techs. Each user wears a unique card fitted with a Telstra SIM card, and can record details of where they are and what they are doing via a built in mic. If any hazard is anticipated, an alarm can be raised back at the 24/7 staffed Alarm Receiving Centre by either pressing a button, pulling out the lanyard, or if the device tilts through 70 ° and then there is no movement or if there is a sudden impact and no movement.

There’s also an Amber Alert status that will open a mic feed back to the Alarm Receiving Centre that staff will monitor and alert police/emergency services if required. All control centre staff are trained to assess the situation, determine GPS location, record and store voice data from unit and take appropriate action.

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