22 Jan 2014

 Show Technology launches Electronic Product Guide

Gone are the days of Show Technology’s colourful ProShop catalogues which, although they were a treasure trove of information, were always in danger of being out of date shortly after being printed!

Show Technology has recognised that in the fast, technology driven entertainment lighting market, customers and end users need to be able to access accurate and comprehensive details of their equipment, anywhere and at any time.

“The old printed catalogue has really been dead for a few years now, particularly at the more professional end of the market,” commented Mark McInnes, Show Technology’s National Sales & Marketing Manager. “However there is still a need for a collection of product details which can be quickly and easily accessed. We had tried a couple of other ways to present this information and we were never really happy with the functionality or its edit-ability. Products are moving so fast, it was essential to find a way to keep data updated.”

Persistence has paid off with Show Technology launching their Electronic Product Guide this week. The guide will allow changes and updates to be made to the products’ individual files when necessary and customers will be able to access those changes immediately. So, for example, if a manufacturer changes a product specification, releases a new product or deletes a product, changes can be made on the back end and the product guide is updated straight away.

“We are confident this is both a solid way to contribute to reducing our impacts on the environment whilst providing a better solution for those of our customers who still need a product guide as a resource,” added Mark McInnes. “Our customers will always have the latest information if they use the on-line system.”

Show Technology’s Electronic Product Guide can be accessed at



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