3 Oct 2013

Audio-Technica is Hungry for Music…Feeds!

Audio-Technica is proud to announce that commencing September 2013, A-T will become official partners with Music Feeds has been making leaps and bounds in the independent music scene, providing a platform for musicians across a variety of genres to showcase their talents. Music Feeds is now Australia’s largest independently owned music website, providing their viewers with up to date live performances from both Australian and international artists, music news, reviews and in-depth interviews. Since taking over residence at Megaphon Studio’s, one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected recording facilities, Music Feeds has been steadily building into a musical juggernaut, and an amazing outlet for artists to perform and have their music streamed live online for all of Australia to sample.

For 53 years now, Audio-Technica has been creating high quality audio equipment for some of the largest music events in the world. Some of this equipment is now being incorporated into the Music Feeds studio for both engineer and artist, including microphones such as the ‘Artist Elite’ AE6100 hypercardiod dynamic vocal microphone, which delivers clean articulation, fast transients and high output. Also featured is the ultimate kick drum microphone, the AE2500 – a dual-element instrument microphone that contains cardioid and dynamic capsules combined into the one unit. Music Feeds performing artists will now be equipped with the industry standard in studio monitoring headphones, the ATH M50. Other gear you should expect to see attached to amps, drums and around the studio include the ATM250 and ATM650 instrument mic’s and the beautiful ATM4080 ribbon mic. You’ll also notice the AT8004L broadcasting interview mic sneaking into the live interviews later in the year.

“It’s great to be a part of something so organic and not so mainstream with Australian music next year” says A-T brand manager Wesley von Grabill. “As soon as we visited the studio and met the team from Music Feeds we knew this was a perfect fit for our brand and something that could help the music scene. Now we wait with anticipation as it’s only a matter of time until this concept explodes globally. Audio-Technica equipment has been used at major events such as the US Grammy Awards, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the Olympic Games for the last 25 years, and now we have an opportunity to support Music Feeds and Australian music, which is something we are very proud of”.


Cat, the in-house studio engineer at Music Feeds, who has recorded performances by musical heavyweights such as Birds of Tokyo and Boy and Bear said of the new partnership, “We are loving the Audio-Technica 4050 large diaphragm condenser microphone for drum over heads. It is also excellent for room ambiance, and an extremely versatile microphone. The A-T microphones are really going to help capture these live performances, and we are really looking forward to a busy year ahead”.

To see the latest Music Feeds performances, head to or the Music Feeds YouTube channel. To see the entire range of A-T microphones and headphones, head over to



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