13 Aug 2020

Award Winning Artist Troy Kingi uses Earthworks Mics

Multi award winning NZ musician, Troy Kingi is riding a huge wave of success and popularity. So far he has released three albums, with his 4th ‘The Ghost of Freddie Cesar’, due for release on the 11th of September 2020. Currently in the process of recording his 5th, he has a unique ambition to record 10 albums in 10 different genres over 10 years.

TeMatera ‘Matt’ Smith of Red Room Studios and AAA Records has been recording Kingi for a number of years using Earthworks SR25 microphones. 2019 saw him add the Earthworks DK7 drum mic kit and use it to record the ‘Holy Colony, Burning Acres’ album at RedRoom Studios NZ.

Matt has been a dedicated Earthworks microphone user for many years and was excited to use the new mics, including the amazing Earthworks DM20 tom and snare mic.

The results have been impressive. Matt is thrilled with the final result and choses to use the Earthworks range of mics because “they are totally transparent. They are honest and capture the sound in its purest form without any colouration”.

Matt also used the Earthworks SR25 cardioid condenser mics to record percussion, horns, and violins on the album.

The Earthworks DK7 kit includes:

4 x DM20 mics for snare and toms

2 x SR25 mics for overheads

1 x SR20LS for kick drum

Red Room Studio uses the Earthworks mics with Neve Preamps, LA2 and LA4 compressors and a refurbished 40-year-old Neotek Elite MkII mixing desk to get the exact sound they want.

Look out for Troy Kingi on his upcoming tour where he will use the Earthworks DK7 drum mic kit. Easy to set up, the DM20 mics clip directly to the toms and snare and sound brilliant live.

For more information on the Earthworks microphone range, please contact us.

Ph 09 947 5230


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