31 Mar 2014

Big Day Out – Creditor unpaid

At least one creditor of Big Day Out remains unpaid, well after the 2014 festival finished, despite American co-promoter C3 Presents asserting they would pay everyone.

Perth crewing agency Event Personnel Australia say they are owed over $50,000 for providing crew to the Perth festival. Future Perth Big Day Out shows are likely to be scrapped, if comments attributed to co-promoter AJ Maddah can be believed. But in the meantime, Joe Vecchiotti is fuming that he has not been paid in full by BDO, and also Soundwave, owned by AJ Maddah.

Vecchiotti aledges he is owed a further $231.988.19 for Soundwave in Perth, and says that crewing agencies should always be paid first since they operate on low margins. ‘I have paid all the crew’, he told CX.

AJ Maddah did not reply to an email from CX.

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