9 Jul 2020

Case Study: Commercial Bay, Downtown, Auckland

Commercial Bay, a new concept shopping mall, is situated in Downtown, Auckland. Its prime location  in Auckland’s CBD alongside the nearby port makes it ideal for both central city shoppers and commuters. The mall has many high-end shops and flagship stores over three floors, with a strong focus on dining.

The north side of level six is dedicated to a very trendy food court, aptly named Harbour Eats. A further area is dedicated to a growing number of highly desirable casual and high-end restaurants.

The mall’s unique location alongside Auckland’s waterfront meant the owners had some specific requirements. These included IP and sea mist rated speakers and control over multiple zones with a number of different BGM sources and multiple local inputs.


Stunning architectural design features within the mall presented challenges for the audio design. Three-story laneways, slatted wooden ceilings, and architectural dropped ceilings, along with entrances open to the exterior and proximity to the harbour meant the need for IP rated speakers with a sea mist rating was imperative. The Bosch LC1 series speakers, in conjunction with a back box and the LB2-UC30 box speakers met the brief on all fronts.

The Bosch PLM-8M8 Plena Matrix DSP and PLM-8CS paging stations were used for BGM sources and paging control. They were combined with a RANE Terminal1010x DSP with DR6 touch panel for zone and sound processing and centre management control. As the mall is split into north and south sides, there are two amplifier locations which utilise Dante to distribute audio between the racks, making installation simple. Installation of multiple Dante wall plates enable several venues to have their own local music input.

Harbour Eats has a fantastic vibe, which is created in part by the specific music selection and higher levels of SPL within that area.

RANE’s Terminal1010x makes the entire system very adaptable. It provides the ability for each venue to have their own unique iPad control page via the built-in HTML web-based server. This independent control is achieved whilst still being incorporated into the overall mall system.

Equipment: BOSCH PLM-8M8 paging matrix, RANE Terminal1010x with Dante card, Bosch PLM-4P220, Dynacord PCL Series and FBT AX Series power amplifiers, Bosch LB2-UC30-D1 wall mount speakers and LC1-WC06EB with LC1-CBB back box and LC1-CSMB surface mount box, FBT CSL606TWP IP rated ceiling speakers.

Dealer: Data Pacific

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