17 Dec 2014

Clearlight Shows Pty Ltd Introduces the GDS ArcSystem

GDS presents the ArcSystem LED Auditorium House Lighting ranges (ArcSystem Pro/ArcSystem Decor/ArcLamp).

Their wireless control tool, the ArcMesh protocol allows you to retrofit the ArcSystem lighting fixtures without rewiring your venue, allowing you to avoid the major costs associated with the traditional retrofit. However the ArcSystem fixtures can also function wired in through DMX.

The ArcSystem ranges offer a CRI of 90+ and temperature options of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5600K. This feature ensures high quality light rendering, allowing you to replace the traditional high energy consumption tungsten and incandescent fittings without losing aesthetic quality.

The ArcSystem range offers stepless smooth dimming from 100% to absolute zero. Over a 20-second fade to black, the quality of the dim is smooth and indistinguishable from the dim quality of a halogen globe.

Various beam angle options and configurable options for patching, auto recovery, group selection recall, fault monitoring and many more features allow you to step into the future with ease, transforming your energy usage requirements by reducing the energy consumption of the globe and also reducing the required cooling power for the venue. Saving you money whilst not sacrificing on the light quality that your patrons expect.

GDS ArcSystem is exclusively distributed in Australia by Clearlight Shows Pty Ltd.


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