Channels 2 February 1991

1    New Clair Bros. PA here: Jands debut S4 MkII on Midnight Oil tour (Trip Khalaf) Michael Waters)
2    AUX 1 Gossiphead
2    Insert Point: Why and how Channels is published
3    Production Diary; Barnes pre-tour production at Cadillac Cases’ Random studio
4    LX Shorts
4    Cooking Corner with Michael Tanner: unpacking the d/mux
4    GLOSSARY – The ABC of Light and Sound: “B”
5    Help! Column: JBL polarity – what is black-not hot-negative; running digital output down audio multi-core; Speakon the new standard
6    Midnight Oil Clair Bros. P.A. system profiled (photos Jands Rob Baumanis, Julius Grafton)
7    POWER USER TIP: Automate your effects with MIDI as per Midnight Oil FOH
8    Darling Harbour Installation: A distributed speaker system with a difference, with Jands’ Gary Rutter
10  BANGS AND FLASHES – The lighting page: To multi-pin or not; rigging hints; cheap LX FX
12   GREAT MISTAKES: The pyrotechnician