3 Aug 2013

CX-TV at ENTECH – special

Our biggest CXtra show yet!

CXtra is the industry talk show watched by more people, on demand 24/7. We start with Piggy Peel, talking about the Australian Road Crew Association and how it aims to stem the frightening rash of suicides amongst older crew – especially lighties.

There is a LOT of industry news and personalities in this edition. At 4 minutes in, see Max Twartz and his microphone sushi train. At 6 minutes, CHOOSE LIGHT – see the HUGE Show Technology offering!

Then we caught up with lighting designer Rohan Thornton, who talks about the challenges of moving from full time work to freelance. This is about 8 minutes in. (As always with our CX-TV player, let the show stream a little and then move around!)

Cuono Biviano turns the tables on Jimmy and interviews HIM about what is new on the ULA stand. A question without notice – so how did Jimmy do? This is about 13 minutes in. (There is a lot more than we have mentioned, we’ve kept the show moving along!)

Sophie catches up with spider man (18 minutes) but beforehand, Ian Harvey talks about Wireless issues (around 16 minutes) and we call on the Jands stand as well.

SGM returns to Australia, represented by Entertainment Technology Australia. (19 minutes in). Then Sophie meets a bunch of people with vox pops – and one guy puts the moves on her (at 23 minutes). Legendary!

DAS returns to Australia (25 minutes in), along with news from ROLAND and PANASONIC as CX-TV roams all over ENTECH.

WATCH ANYTIME, on any device!

Last but by no means least, Rick O’Neil (Turtlerock) and Andy Stewart (The Mill) join our panel (about 26 minutes in) to talk about the music recording business – and a whole lot more. These guys have more gold records between them than almost anyone!


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