2 Sep 2021

ENTECH 2022: telling it like it is

In its third decade, the ENTECH tradeshow was born in 1994 just as the internet started to rise. A while later, online surveys replaced faxed ones, and since then a lot of questions have been answered. The Grafton family, former publishers of this journal, were always testing opinions and seeking answers to all kinds of things. A lot of surveys dealt with entertainment safety, and buyer preferences.

Now ENTECH Roadshow 2022 will roll out ENTECH Analytics in 2022 using an interactive online survey to collect anonymous responses from trade who have just visited the event. The purpose? To better inform exhibitors by having their interactions reviewed and rated.

“It’s anonymous because it has to be,” says Julius Grafton, ENTECH founder. “Because we’ve always used surveys, the trade trust us with their answers. If you get enough responses you can spot inaccurate answers and the vast majority of our trade tend to report accurately.”Every registered visitor will be emailed a survey directly after each show, while the memory and the buzz are still fresh.

Grafton says each exhibitor will get tailored responses about their interactions with trade at each show, which could also be ranked against other exhibitors. “It’s us asking them to tell us things they won’t tell their suppliers, helping to validate decisions and spot trouble before it hurts.”

For 2022 the Analytics are included in the cost of exhibiting, and will be distributed to all exhibitors after each event. ENTECH say the design of the survey will evolve – and it is possible to ’tailor’ a question to suit an exhibitor – assuming arrangements are made to do so in advance. ”Data is everything now,” concludes Grafton. “Gut instinct is fine but tracking how you perform, how you are perceived, and your team effectiveness in a  granular way is impossible with your own surveys. You just won’t be told how it is. So ENTECH will do it for you, straight off the $350 million trading floor.”


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