13 Jul 2013

Glebe Island Expo and how it already has failed


The White Bay Cruise Terminal in Sydney is causing passengers distress due to no public vehicle access. This is on the same long winding two lane road as the mooted Glebe Island Expo, a temporary replacement for the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre which will be demolished after Christmas.

This story in the SMH details the problems passengers have with access – likely to be much worsened when a trade show attempts to run on the adjacent Glebe Island Wharf.



This bodes poorly for the Glebe Island Expo, a desperate measure demanded by the large trade show organisers to try to maintain earnings while SCEC is shut and remade over a three years. We posted an earlier story where the organisers association, EEAA claim there would not be a Glebe Island Expo at all, if it were not for them.

CX-TV NEWS July has a video segment showing the ridiculous site access to the proposed Expo, which is to be built ‘soon’ from temporary structures, on the finger of wharf located just up from the Anzac Bridge in the picture above. CX-TV reveals the gate to the site is at least 2 kilometres by single lane road from the Anzac Bridge, and that there is no pedestrian access.

If a predictable cruise ship arrival with a known number of passengers at a given time cannot be managed from the very same access road, how then will transpoirt be handled for a trade show, where most visitors do not pre register? Plus the cruise ship transport arrangement of a shuttle that costs $12 casts light on the kind of cost delegates may expect for the promised ‘ferry and bus’ deal when a trade show is operating.


Not yet known would be the cost of a coffee, from one of the ‘pop up restaurants and bars’ that the Government proposes for Glebe Island Expo.

Will the last person leaving the Sydney trade exhibition industry at Christmas please turn out the lights?


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