9 Jul 2012

Industry Events – the 2012 Winter master list!

We’ve never had so many seminars, training sessions, and trade events to attend! So now CX brings you the master guide to what’s on, and where, all the way to spring time. Best of all, some of these are not only free but you also get catering!

First off the rank is ROSS VIDEO, holding a national ROADSHOW starting next week, (Note BRISBANE date changed!)

Perth, Australia
Training Session 1: July 18 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 2: July 18 (1630 – 1900)
Location: Esplanade River Suites


Melbourne, Australia
Training Session 1: July 25 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 2: July 25 (1630 – 1900)
Location: Ross Video Melbourne

Brisbane, Australia
Training Session 1: July 31 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 2: July 31 (1630 – 1900)
Location: VideoPro

Adelaide, Australia
Training Session 1: August 15 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 2: August 15 (1630 – 1900)
Location: Pro AV Solutions


Auckland, New Zealand
Training Session 1: August 22 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 2: August 22 (1630 – 1900)
Training Session 3: August 23 (1100 – 1300)
Training Session 4: August 23 (1630 – 1900)
Location: Auckland Langham Hotel

You’ll see Vision, OverDrive, XPression, Carbonite, MC1, Inception, BlackStorm, openGear, and Routers in action.

Email for more.

ENTECH CONNECT opens next week on Wednesday July 18th, and over just two days boasts a huge slab of seminars. It’s fair to say ENTECH have returned to their strength and are on message, as this seminar program is even better than when CX ruled the roost!

Later on is INTEGRATE, who have the INFOCOMM UNIVERSITY on offer.

Also featured below are FREE training seminars for HIGH END Wholehog Lighting Control Software PLUS FREE seminars from JANDS to introduce the Source 4 LED.


Let the fun begin:

At the top end of the ENTECH offerings is a 2 day Rigging Forum hosted by Tiny Good, who is probably the foremost educator on this topic in Australia. You can buy one or both days for this.

An essential industry summit on Safety will be held on the second and final ENTECH day, Thursday 19th July. Starting at 2pm, the summit is free to attend but register now by email as it will fill up fast. Email Soolin at LPA now:

Here’s the ENTECH list of events – a whopping 15 on day one (Wednesday) and 11 on the second and final day of ENTECH-CONNECT at Melbourne Park.

All sessions $38.50 inc gst unless noted.

  1. PLASA keynote: Lighting Visualisation at the Royal Opera House, smart design in 3D theatre. Time: 08.59am – 09:45am. Speakers: James Simpson
  2. Fundamentals of Audio Equalization. Time: 9:00am – 9:45am. Speakers: Andy Shanahan
  3. Emergence & Development of Media Servers in Production Applications. Time: 10:00am – 10:45am. Speakers: James Simpson , Liz Beedle , Vince Haddad , Dean Stevenson
  4. Getting the Process Right – Stepping through the phases of successful Performing Arts Centre Project. Time: 10:00am – 10:45am
    Speakers: Craig Gamble , Terry Ryan , Peter Fearnside , John Alekna
  5. Lighting Designers on Design. Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
    Speakers: Joseph Mercurio
  6. The World Of Live Sound – Practical tips for success. Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
    Panel Session: Jason Buchanan, on behalf of JMC Academy will facilitate a panel of experts including Bruce Johnston, Johnston Audio Services, Peter Barnard, Outline Speakers and Chris Kennedy, Norwest.
  7. Mapping for spectacular effect!. Time: 13:00pm – 13:45pm
    Peter Milne, Managing Director, Electric Canvas is the speaker for this session.
  8. Keep the Noise Down!. Time: 13:00pm – 13:45pm
    Led by a representative from Marshall Day, with a panel of experts including Peter Barnard from Outline Speakers.
  9. The Role of Technology in Entertainment (session supported by VAPAC). Time: 13:00pm – 13:45pm
    Panel Session:  Facilitated by Daniel Sandler, Technical Supervisor, Whitehorse Centre. Panellists to include Nick Rowland, Specialised Stage Engineering, a specialist theatre lighting designer, and Kim O’Connell, Tour / Production Manager from HIT Productions.
  10. The Rigger’s Forum – Part One. Time: 13:00pm – 16:00pm (Half Day Session)
    Price: $82.50 (Inclusive of GST)
    A three hour session facilitated by Tiny Good from ShowTech Australia, and involving a panel of leading industry players.  The session will cover three important topics and is an informal, interactive session, which will encourage questions, and feedback from all participants. Day one sessions will include input from several key industry stakeholders.  Speakers: Tiny Good , Graham Deviney, Peter Johnson, Bea Tomlin, Representative from Verve Consulting
  11. Architectural Lighting Design for Venues and Theatres. Time: 14:00pm – 15:00pm
    Speaker:  Paul Beale , Director, Electrolight
  12. Live Sound for Corporate Events. Time: 14:00pm – 15:00pm
    Panel Session: All panellists for this session are to be confirmed, but will include Chris Kennedy, Norwest,  Ian Kirkwood, Staging Connections and representatives from leading manufacturers.
  13. Project Management for Live Events. Time: 14:00pm – 15:00pm
    Panelists will include  Ant Hampel , A-Live Events,  Matthew Howe, General Manager, Arenas, Melbourne & Olympic Parks, and several more to be confirmed.
  14. Lighting for Television – Tips and Tricks. Time: 15:15pm – 16:00pm
    Speakers: Rohan Thornton
  15. ALIA SESSION:  Testing & Tagging in Your World. Time: 15:15pm – 16:00pm
    Price: $27.50 (ALIA Members) or $55 (Non ALIA Members) All Prices Inclusive of GST
    Led by Andy Ciddor, ALIA’s representative on the committee that maintains the Test & Tag standard (AS/NZS 3760)
  16. Greening Pubs and Venues. Time: 15:15pm – 16:00pm
    Speakers: Liam O’Keefe and Euan Williamson

All sessions $38.50 inc gst unless shown otherwise

  1. Am I seeing things?  3D holographic projection and how it is changing the world of live events.
    Time: 09:00am -10:00am
    Speakers: Mario Valenti
  2. ALIA SESSION:  Lighting 101. Time: 09:00am – 11:00am
    Location: Yarra One  Price: $27.50 (ALIA Members) or $55 (Non ALIA Members) All Prices Inclusive of GST. Speaker: Andy Ciddor
  3. The Rigger’s Forum – Part Two. Time: 09:00am – 12:00pm (Half Day Session)
    Price: $82.50 (Inclusive of GST)
    Speakers: Tiny Good , John Grimshaw , Dean Nelson , Rusty Johnson
  4. ALIA SESSION:  Lighting Systems Technology 101. Time: 11:30am – 13:30pm
    Price: $27.50 (ALIA Members) or $55 (Non ALIA Members) All Prices Inclusive of GST
    Speaker: Marcus Pugh
  5. MANUFACTURERS SESSION : Dante Digital Audio Networking – Hands-On, How-To, and Why?
    Time: 12:00pm – 13:00pm
    Price: FREE
    Speaker: Jason Allen
  6. Anatomy of a stage disaster –  Line by line forensic breakup of the Indiana stage roof collapse. Time: 13:00pm – 13:45pm
    Speaker: Julius Grafton
  7. AWAG (Wireless) Update. Time: 13:00pm – 13:45pm
    Speakers: Jeff MacKenzie , James Waldron
  8. ALIA SESSION Lighting Design 101. Time: 14:00pm – 16:00pm
    Price: $27.50 (ALIA Members) or $55 (Non ALIA Members) All Prices Inclusive of GST)
    Speakers: Scott Allan
  9. The National Stage and Events OH&S Summit. Time: 14:00pm – 16:00pm
    Price: FREE. Speakers: Carolyn Davis, David Hamilton, Frank Ward, Julius Grafton, Chris Hayes.
  10. MANUFACTURERS SESSION Outline mini-COM.P.A.S.S and GTO (Grand Touring Outline): On A Global Scale.Time: 14:15pm – 15:00pm
    Price: FREE
    Speaker: Peter Barnard
  11. WIFI, the Internet and your event – The Convergence of AV and IT. Time: 15:15pm – 16:00pm
    Speaker: Richard Morrison
  12. Last but not least for ENTECH – Yamaha CA Australia will be running CL Series Training Seminars continuously at ENTECH Connect on multiple CL5 consoles on Yamaha’s stand.


  • Lexair Entertainment, in association with High End Systems, a Barco company, are pleased to announce a series of training seminars on the Wholehog Lighting Control Software in Melbourne and Sydney. The Melbourne training session will be held on the 20th & 21st of July, immediately after the Entech Connect tradeshow, at the Victorian College of the Arts.
    The Sydney training session will be held on the 25th & 26th July, at the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel.
    Lunch will be provided, as well as morning and afternoon tea.
    Spaces are limited to ensure each attendee is given maximum hands-on time with the consoles, and a personalised training experience. The cost is…. zero. Yes, this is free.
    To register please email with your name, contact details and preferred city!

  • Brisbane
    Date: Monday, 23 July 2012
    Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse
    Address: Rooftop Terrace, 119 Lamington Street, New Farm QLD 4005
    Parking: Free parking available in New Farm Park
  • Sydney
    Date: Wednesday, 25 July 2012
    Venue: Jands Sydney HQ
    Address: Building C Training Room, 40 Kent Road, Mascot NSW 2020
    Parking: Free onsite parking
  • Melbourne
    Date: Thursday, 26 July 2012
    Venue: Jands Melbourne Office
    Address: Unit 11, 21 Sabre Drive, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
    Parking: Free onsite parking
  • New Zealand
    Date: Monday, 30 July 2012
    Venue: THE EDGE
    Address: Level 4, Aotea Centre, 50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland CBD


Integrate only have InfoComm University events online thus far – but they show a Worship Technology seminar tent, plus the Headroom, on their floorplan. So presumably there is a lot more to come, to match up with what they’ve previously delivered. Website here:


The InfoComm University starts with the Super Tuesday Program theme on the topic “Net Centric AV”. There will be 2 half day conferences focusing on the Business & Government sectors, and a seminar program spread across the 3 days of the show.

InfoComm Super Tuesday is on Tuesday 21 August with the topic “Net-Centric AV” (Full day program $150). Seminar topics will include:

• Moving AV Distribution over to a “Network Centric” Platform
• System Design in the Net-Centric Era
• Standards in the future of AV Networking
• and more…

They also offer the “AV in Government” Conference (Half day program $150). Topics within this will include: AV Asset Management in the Secure Environment and AV Quality Assurance.

Then on Wednesday 22 August, InfoComm University Seminars will compromise of 5 sessions (at $75 per session)

Seminar topics will include:

• AWAG (Australian Wireless Audio Group) Wireless Spectrum Update
• Commissioning AV Systems
• Specifying AV Systems
• Modern Signal Management

On Thursday 23 August, they offer the Future of Business Communications (Half Day Program $150). Seminar topics will include:

• “I can’t hear you” – Making Audio Work Well in Business Applications
• Collaboration Rooms Are More Than Telepresence

Also at Integrate, Yamaha CA Australia will be running CL Series Training Seminars continuously on multiple CL5 consoles on Yamaha’s stand.

The Integrate Infocomm Uni pricing is a little out of whack – a whole day conference costs $150, and a half day conference also costs $150. Huh? And the one hour seminars are an eye watering $75 each! The AWAG briefing can be had at ENTECH for $38.50 or at Integrate for $75.


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