1 Jul 2024

INFOCOMM ’24 – Part 1

Having binged on AV gear at Barcelona’s ISE earlier this year, CX decided to skip 2024’s Las Vegas iteration of InfoComm, which turned out to be a pretty popular choice in the APAC AV community. Here, we’ve collated all the product news from what was, by all accounts, a great show, capped off by a tour of the ground-breaking venue Sphere, which even the most jaded of techs have been describing as utterly awe-inspiring.

We must check it out soon!



The AMX SVSI N2600D Wallplate Encoders and Decoders are the latest enhancement to the N2600 Series and bring Dante AV-A support to an encoder and decoder wallplate for the first time. All N2600 models feature support for a high-quality, extremely low- latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC codec that is perfect for transmitting both live video and detailed content. They also feature Virtual Network USB 2.0 Hub technology, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, low-power mode for energy savings, and support for the most discerning high-security networks.

Australia: MadisonAV or 1800 00 77 80

New Zealand: JPRO or (09) 275 8710

audio-technica  ATDM-1012


ATDM-1012 Digital SmartMixer is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for a wide variety of installed audio applications where mix-minus operation or audio pickup from specific zones within a space is required. The ATDM-1012 is a 14 input / 12 bus matrix mixer featuring 10 mic/line inputs with high-quality preamps, two stereo line inputs, USB audio I/O, eight balanced outputs and two unbalanced stereo outputs. Ten additional digital inputs can be added either via an AT-LINK digital connection or over Dante® – available with the Dante-enabled ATDM-1012DAN version.

audio-technica ES964


The simple-to-install table-top ES964 employs one omnidirectional capsule and two bidirectional capsules. When combined with an audio-technica digital SmartMixer, the ES964 offers directional sound capture via its virtual hypercardioid and cardioid pickups, providing speaker-focused sound capture within a 360-degree radius for clarity difficult to achieve with standard omnidirectional microphones. The ES964 is also compatible with a range of other open architecture DSPs. Multiple and simultaneous settings can be configured to suit the seating positions of conference participants.

Australia: TAG or 02 9519 0900

New Zealand: Direct Imports or 06 873 0129

AVer Cameras and FONE700

AVer debuted four cameras and a speakerphone system at InfoComm. AVer’s TR315N AI Auto Tracking NDI Camera boasts a 12x optical zoom lens with 4K 60 fps resolution and the finesse of hybrid auto tracking and smooth PTZ operations. AVer’s TR211 AI Auto Tracking Camera combines a 12x Optical Zoom lens, FHD 60 fps resolution and hybrid auto tracking with smooth PTZ operations. The TR211, along with the TR315N and TR335N, include proprietary AI-functionality, including Presenter Mode, Zone Mode and Hybrid Mode. AVer’s MD120UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera is highly versatile and explicitly designed for patient monitoring and telemedicine. The FONE700 Ceiling Speakerphone System features a combination of three directional and 18 omnidirectional microphones, capturing voices from every corner of the room with precision. The FONE700 boasts advanced features including Noise Suppression, Double- Talk detection and De-Reverberation. Its technology delivers unparalleled audio quality in its ability to minimize background noise, detect simultaneous speech and reduce echo.

Australia: Amber Technology or 1800 251 367

New Zealand: Amber Technology or (09) 443 0753

dBTechnologies IS210L, IS120T and IS115S


dBTechnologies introduced three new models in the IS Series: the IS210L line array module, point source IS120T, and IS115S subwoofer. With increased SPL and expanded frequency response, and an IP55 certification, the newly designed IS audio system is built for maximum durability in the most demanding environments.


The IS210L symmetrical design includes two 10- inch woofers with 2.5-inch voice coils and a 1.4-inch (exit), 2.4-inch voice coil compression driver mounted on a waveguide. Equipped with the same transducers as the IS210L, and also in a symmetrical configuration, the IS210T point-source loudspeaker has a 90×40 rotatable horn. The IS115S flyable subwoofer is the most adaptable and powerful addition to the IS Series’ high-performance systems, providing the best low-frequency extension for the IS series. It is also IP55-rated and comes in white or black.

Australia: NAS or (03) 8756 2600

New Zealand: Direct Imports or (06) 873 0129

DPA 2017

DPA_2017 Compact Shotgun Microphone

The 2017 is a unique, all-purpose shotgun solution that offers flexibility and the ability to withstand difficult environments or extreme weather in an array of applications. From its durable construction and ease of use to its leading acoustical properties, the 2017 can capture the energy of any AV project or live event. Measuring just 184mm in length, the 2017 is more compact than many popular solutions, yet still offers impressive technological features, including extreme durability, high directivity, clarity and consistency for capturing authentic sound.

Australia: Amber Technology or 1800 251 367

New Zealand: Direct Imports or (06) 873 0129



The new SB818 single 18” is a high output, mid-size flyable subwoofer system. The SB818 can be flown stand-alone or arrayed with the KF210 speakers. A ground stack adapter supports flexible, compact and safe ground stack arrays, while a transition bar allows for the sub and KF210 to be flown in the same array using one flybar and one rigging point.


The SB828 dual driver subwoofer is designed around a low turbulence port based on fluid dynamic research married with a groundbreaking transducer design. The SB828 has innovative ultra-linear suspension behavior and symmetric flux density, resulting in exceptional impulse response and output. Compact height and depth allow for the subwoofers to be deployed in many room types. 16 M10 mounting points provide a myriad of permanent suspension options.



The SBX118F is a high-output, mid-size subwoofer system designed to provide low-frequency extension for any full range system. SBX118F’s use of a 4” voice coil ensures the best sonic performance. SBX118F can be ground stacked, flown by itself or arrayed with NTX210L. A ground stack adapter supports flexible, compact and safe ground stack arrays of SBX118F and NTX210L.



EAW debuted its UXR216 and UXR316 amplifier racks at the show. These new amp racks complete the EAW line of professional production products and include the brand’s recently announced UXA4416 amplifier, a network switch as well as power, audio and network interfaces. The UXR216 is based on two UXA4416 amplifiers while the UXR316 is based on three UXA4416 amplifiers.

Australia and New Zealand: PAVT or +61 (0) 3 9264 8000 / +64 (0) 21 410 050



JBL Professional expands its PSB soundbar lineup by adding HDMI and Bluetooth digital source inputs. As an evolution in soundbar technology, PSB-2 is engineered to deliver focused audio while minimising sound transfer to neighbouring rooms, making it the perfect solution for hotel rooms, cruise ship staterooms, meeting spaces, classrooms, and additional applications. Specifically tuned for human speech, PSB-2 integrates a front-facing speaker that delivers significantly enhanced fidelity over internal television speakers. Additionally, a 2-position volume limiting switch provides further control over volume levels.

Australia: MadisonAV or 1800 00 77 80

New Zealand: JPRO or 09 275 8710

Symetrix xIO USB


The xIO USB is an AVoIP endpoint that supports educational, justice, conferencing, and other applications that utilise desktops, laptops, or attendee- supplied devices (BYOD). The xIO USB will make it easy for consultants and integrators to streamline system design and interface with popular collaborations solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The xIO USB performance endpoint features front and rear USB-C connectors, two channels of transmit/receive over USB, and two channels of transmit and receive for AVoIP.

Symetrix Server D100

Server D100

Symetrix’s new digital signal processor, the Server D100 is an enterprise-class rack component and was designed specifically for professional AVoIP installations where high node counts and complex channel management benefit from powerful central processing. It features up to 384 x 384 AVoIP channels, up to 96 acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) channels, and up to 128 media playback channels.

Symetrix Server D100 ships with 256 by 256 Dante channels, 64 AEC channels, 32 media playback channels, eight media record channels, and flexible open architecture processing to tie it all together. On-demand software upgrades can expand AVoIP channel count to 384 x 384, AEC channel count to 96, and media playback to 128 channels.

Australia and New Zealand: PAVT or +61 (0)3 9264 8000


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