11 Feb 2016

New commercial installation products unveiled from Yamaha

Yamaha has announced new additions to the Commercial Installation Solutions lineup that have been specifically designed for small to mid-sized installations with a focus on BGM applications in particular: VXS3F, VXS3FW, VXS3FT and VXS3FTW surface mount speakers, as well as the MA2120 and PA2120 power amplifiers.

The new VXS Series F models feature a more compact enclosure design compared to the standard VXS5 and VXS8 models, offering additional flexibility for varying installation environments. They also feature a curved form that can easily merge into restaurants, cafes, or retail stores interiors. They have also been tuned specifically to deliver high quality music playback, and the compact-full-range speaker unit can project to a wide, consistent coverage area even at low volume levels. Two variations are provided for different installation requirements: the VXS3F and VXS3FW (low impedance models) are ideal for smaller spaces that can be serviced by a small number of speakers, while the VXS3FT and VXS3FTW (high impedance models) are perfect for larger or more complex areas that require a larger number of speakers.

The two new, durable MA2120 and PA2120 power amplifiers are ideal for configuring simple, small to mid-sized installations with an easy setup and no computers. Both models support low impedance (120W x2ch @4Ω / 100W x2ch @3Ω, 8Ω selectable) as well as high impedance (120W x2ch / 200W x1ch, 70V/100V selectable) speaker systems. Both models are equipped with highly-efficient Class-D amplifiers and intelligent protection features in the power supply and amplifier unit to ensure safe, worry-free operation.


The MA2120 comes equipped with 6 mic/line inputs and 2 stereo inputs with input mixing capability. The mic inputs feature 24V capability and input 5 and 6 can be used as MONO SUM inputs. A range of onboard DSP functions (Feedback Suppressor, Priority Ducker, Leveler, Compressor and Reverb & Echo) also add flexibility to accommodate a wider range of applications. The MA2120 also features stereo source EQ with an enhancer function for input 7 and 8, output EQ for each of the two output channels, optimized speaker EQ settings for VXS/VXC speakers and VXS subwoofer, and selectable HPF/LPF settings.

Both the MA2120 and PA2120 are capable of controlling input sources for applications with two different zones, such as a retail store with two floors or a restaurant with a seating area and separate bar area. For larger spaces, an additional PA2120 can be added to expand a system and accommodate additional zones. Users can also add DCP1V4S, DCP4V4S and DCP4S wall-mount control panels to a system for convenient remote control of output volumes and microphone on/off switching.

Availability details will be announced very soon along with pricing information for MA2120/PA2120.


Recommended retail pricing (inc GST per pair) for VXSF-series is as follows:

VXS3F – RRP $380.00
VXS3FW – RRP $380.00
VXS3FT – RRP $400.00
VXS3FTW – RRP $400.00


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