15 Nov 2013

One Vision Acquire Soundcraft Si Compact

When Canberra-based audio visual company One Vision decided it was time to replace their Yamaha digital mixers there was only one alternative for them – the Soundcraft Si Compact. Soundcraft’s compact console is designed to offer digital power and versatility combined with an operator-friendly ‘analogue feel’.

“We wanted a console that would be more hands on than the Yamaha consoles as far as the crossover between digital and analogue,” commented Frank Meany, managing director of One Vision. “Basically we wanted a console with knobs on it as opposed to a console with buttons and scrolling pages of menus, it’s more intuitive.”

Frank and his team have found their Soundcraft Si Compact consoles to be very powerful and they are particularly impressed by the console’s sound, with Frank remarking that it sounds more like an analogue console than other digital consoles.


“We purchased a digital multicore for them which makes a huge difference being able to patch things around and also having the soft patch on it,” added Frank. “I am however a bit sad that the Soundcraft Si Performers were not available at the time we bought them – a simple lighting console built into the desk would have been great! Maybe next time.”

Frank also commented on how easy his team has found the Soundcraft Si Compact to learn describing it as a straightforward live sound mixer. “Its price range, small footprint and portability also helped seal the decision to purchase,” he said.

In the few months since acquiring the Soundcraft Si Compact, One Vision has had it hard at work mainly on corporate events and Frank reports that it has been totally reliable and a great asset to the company.


For more information on Soundcraft consoles visit or contact:

Australia Sales:

Jands Pty Ltd

Tel: +61 2 9582 0909



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