30 Aug 2016

PRG buy 800 EXE hoists

PRG the world’s largest production rental company have recently invested in over 800 EXE Rise chain hoists to replace their rental stock in the UK for use across Europe. The hoist has been branded to identify them as a PRG unit but are based on the standard 1 tonne specification with the addition of ultimate limits that are required for suspending and moving loads over people under BS7906-A.

The EXE hoist is built to BS7905-1 specifications and when used with the BS7906-A code of practice there is no need for secondary suspension, meaning once taken to height the hoist does not need a back-up installed. This is not only a time saving feature by removing the extra workload when rigging and de-rigging, but also removes a hazard for the crew and the amount of time working at height.

The Exe’s high specification and standard features such as the 8:1 safety factor, DC double brake, 5 pocket load wheel and electrical limit switches make it one of the safest hoist available in the entertainment industry today, and it’s also one of the quietest with only 67db at full load.

When following the BS7906-A code of practice, with the correct control system and the addition of ultimate limits the chain hoist can be used during a show to move loads over people, making it more versatile and not just a build hoist.

Theatre Safe are the Australian distributor for the EXE hoist range and this compliments the range of products available they can supply from suppliers such as Litec, ASM, Gerriets and Ron Stagemaker to name a few

For more information contact Theatre Safe Australia:


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