29 May 2019

Ramus transforms the The Star Grand Foyer

Design studio Ramus has transformed an architectural interior space into an immersive experience – a world-first,
permanent interactive digital art gallery for The Star Grand Foyer in Sydney, Australia.

Using light as the harmonising feature, Ramus designed an impressive 25m, 8K resolution, crescent shaped digital
canvas to showcase the light and movement of Sydney, as well as the digital works of local and international artists, animators and cinematographers.

As an integrated extension of the digital canvas, shifting light images flow through the ceiling, wall and water elements of the space, expanding the visual content beyond the canvas into the entire two-storey foyer. A 13m-tall cylindrical, programmable artwork of falling water cascades in multiple forms down through the centre of the space, becoming a gracefully moving canvas for light, laser and projections.

This innovative platform transports art out of the gallery context and into the public realm. As meditative as it is
spectacular, visitors are welcomed into an immersive moment that surrounds and envelops, offering surprising and
exhilarating interactive experiences as they move through the space.

Artistic Director Bruce Ramus led the creation of the installation. “I was inspired to create a digital artwork that was
embedded within the architecture of the space, by connecting elements and visualising the whole environment
working in sync as one, for the purpose of integrating and enriching the human experience.”

The installation adapts its content between states of ambience, spectacle and interactivity, according to the time of
day. In addition, an ongoing curated program ensures visitors to The Star can experience the works of local and
international artists in this extraordinary and compelling environment.

Bruce and Ramus Studio are familiar with producing grand-scale integrated experiences, having created the world’s
biggest permanent interactive light display Luminous: Darling Quarter in 2012 and 888 Collins St, a 16-storey building interpreting real-time weather data into digital visualisations, along with the most recent integrated digital precinct at Yagan Square completed last year in Perth, Australia.

Before that, Bruce designed and directed light shows for U2, David Bowie and R.E.M. “I now channel my lighting and
show direction experience into creating connected, human experiences in the form of light art. Each work is an
offering to compel, inspire and elevate peoples’ everyday experience.”

The Star Grand Foyer is now open.


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