10 Aug 2023

Revolutionizing Hospitality AV: Jands NZ Unveils Innovative Solutions at Integrate 2023

As Integrate 2023 draws near, Jands New Zealand is gearing up to showcase an array of innovative AV solutions tailored to the hospitality industry. Set to exhibit a wealth of products from renowned brands such as Biamp, L-Acoustics, Robe, Anolis, ETC, Blustream, and RGBlink, Jands will leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of cutting-edge technology.

Step into the dedicated demo room on Level 3, Room E3.7, and you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment designed to demonstrate the power and versatility of these industry-leading AV products. Whether you operate a cozy café, a sprawling restaurant, a sports bar, or a multi-purpose training stage, you’ll discover solutions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your venue.

Key highlights from our product lineup include:

Biamp’s Max Connect and Parlé VBC 2500 reinvent conferencing experience by expanding video collaboration across all platforms and delivering stunning video clarity coupled with beamtracking technology for clear voice reproduction.

Biamp Parlé VBC 2500

Blustream’s IP350UHD-RX, a Dante-enabled 4K HDMI receiver, guarantees visually lossless compression and unparalleled flexibility with video and Dante audio distribution from a single network.

Blustreams IP350UHD-RX

L-Acoustics’ Soka, a colinear source system, offers concert-quality sound and ultra-wide coverage, blending top-tier audio with minimal visual impact.

L-Acoustics Soka

Robe’s i-series and Anolis’ Calumma range stand out with strong, waterproof lights and high efficacy LEDs, respectively, offering full flexibility and adaptability in lighting solutions.

ETC’s ColorSource Fresnel V is a LED luminaire that brings a richness of color, increased brightness, and leading technology at an attractive price point. It delivers both soft pastels and bold saturated colors from a single fixture, providing versatile lighting options for your venue.

Finally, RGBlink’s new mini-mx is a streaming switcher that features four HDMI high-definition inputs, a configurable HDMI output, and a USB3.0 streaming output, making it a perfect companion for any streaming platform.

At Jands, we understand that the right audio and lighting solutions are vital to creating the ideal ambiance for your venue. That’s why we work closely with architects, interior designers, nominated AV integrators, and your team to create solutions that not only enhance your venue but also boost customer engagement and spending.

Come and join us at Integrate 2023 at booths #D10 and #G28 and let us help you shape your venue’s future with unforgettable AV experiences. We look forward to meeting you and helping you elevate your venue to new heights of guest satisfaction and profitability.


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