13 Jun 2024

Robe ESPRITES for TES Christchurch

(Pic – Back Row L-R Jamie Thomson | Lighting Technician, Ben Kamps | Audio Engineer, Steve Jarvis | Account Manager. Front Row L-R Alex Wilson | Director & Lighting Technician, Ray Kennedy | Repairs & Maintenance, Luke Wyn-Harris | Lighting Technician, Ceire Conyers | Office Manager)

TES (Technical Event Solutions) is a full production service and rental company based in Christchurch, and they were the first such enterprise to invest in Robe ESPRITE moving lights.

TES prides itself on delivering quality streamlined event solutions and technical services including broadcast, all from one proactive and busy facility in Woolston.

The company was started in 2017 by Alex Wilson, initially working from a 12 x 6-metre storage unit, and now occupies a 1000 square metre warehouse with 15 full time staff. As soon as you get in the door of the premises, the palpable buzz and energy of activity permeates the space and the people!

Alex’s background is in stage lighting while his business partner Brett Armstrong comes from the world of broadcast AV and IT, so they are a great match.

TES grew throughout the covid period partly by being open minded and pivoting to embrace new technologies and services including streaming. “I have a brilliant team here, and we can all multitask at times,” stated Alex.

They have also acquired a couple of other businesses in recent years, one is an audio specialist, plus a well-respected AV company all of which has strengthened the brand and the team, enabling TES to offer cost efficient solutions for its clients by being able to supply all production technical elements and expertise.

As well as equipment, TES is also dedicated to ensuring everyone working there enjoys a happy and healthy work-life balance.

TES’s work encompasses concerts, summer festivals and a plethora of diverse and demanding corporate shows, where their stock of LED screen is a great advantage and has opened many doors as there is still not so much available in the South Island.

The first 8 x Robe ESPRITES arrived in 2022 and TES now has more on order.

Alex and the team started looking for a hard-edged fixture with additional features and considered multiple options, receiving numerous product demos before making the decision.

The choice was made primarily based on the ESPRITES optical performance which “far outshone all the others,” confirms Alex.

He likes the gobos and the gobo functionality, but it was Robe’s EMS (Electronic Motion Stabilizer) that really sealed the deal together with the accurate shuttering.

Christchurch Town Hall was the first venue on the South Island to have the ESPRITES installed, giving the TES crew an opportunity to see them in action, and Alex and the crew were also able to rent and fully test them out before making the final decision to purchase their own.

Recently, the ESPRITES have been in action at the Rolling Meadows Festival in Waipara, Canterbury; for ballet productions at the Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch, and on the ‘Legends on Tour’ show throughout NZ, together with various corporate events and awards dinners.

Alex originally encountered Robe as a brand around 10 years ago at a trade show, but when TES made its first moving light purchases, they started with an alternative brand which offered fixtures that were exactly what they needed at the time.

As the work and company has moved rapidly forward, their needs for more complex lighting fixtures are shifting, prompting them to look at expanding the inventory.

He regards Robe as a market leader and remarks the products and product development has been consistent in quality and innovation over the last 10 years.

“ESPRITES are a perfect fit for us at this moment,” Alex concluded.


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