5 Aug 2013

Sennheiser wireless systems for 1800MHz

In response to the decision to close UHF frequencies from 694 to 820 MHz for wireless microphones, Sennheiser is launching nine wireless microphone systems that transmit on 1800 MHz. The new evolution wireless ew 100 G3-1G8 series operates in a higher frequency band that has been allocated exclusively to wireless audio transmission right across Australia.

“With our new 1800 MHz systems, we are presenting extremely user-friendly solutions,” explained James Waldron, Product Manager Professional Wireless Microphones at Syntec. “The frequency band from 1790 MHz to 1800 MHz is reserved exclusively for audio transmission, which means that users no longer have to plan their systems around primary users or search for gaps between TV channels. This spectrum is completely free of other users. In addition, the band is available right across Australia, so users can travel anywhere confident that their system will operate without interference.

The ew 100 G3-1G8 series features up to twelve channels in each of the 20 pre-set frequency banks, while up to 22 channels can be operated simultaneously in one location. The system also features a User Bank that is freely programmable in 10-kHz steps. The new systems have an RF transmission power of 10 mW and their advanced design ensures that their range corresponds approximately to that of UHF systems with the same RF transmission power.


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