29 May 2024

Show your support for music workers this End of Financial Year

by Angela Doolan, Crisis Relief Team Leader, Suppport Act

I want to tell you about a musician Amanda, who has been in the industry for decades. She reached out to us after an ovarian cancer diagnosis and confirmation that she carried a BRCA1 gene.

While in chemotherapy, she was still trying to work on a big project for Rising Festival, but was struggling to keep everything going.

“I didn’t know what to do. I was very ill and I just really needed some time to collapse and focus on my health.”


We were able to cover some of Amanda’s rent payments to help her focus on her recovery. After she underwent another surgery, a double mastectomy, we then helped to cover the medication costs that weren’t covered by Medicare.

“Reaching out to Support Act was a bit scary at first – I’ve always been very independent – but  incredibly helpful and validating. They helped me pay the rent for some very low months and gave me the security that I needed to plan my recovery. I experienced a lot of physical pain after the operation – Support Act helped me afford medication for pain which has been the only thing that I’ve found effective.”

I caught up with Amanda recently – thankfully she is now in recovery and slowly coming back to her music work.


Thanks to our dedicated supporters, last year alone we were able to help 930 music workers like Amanda to get back on their feet after a crisis.

If you can, please consider supporting our End of Financial Year Appeal today. With you by our side, we can be a much needed safety net for even more music workers in need this year.

“I think Support Act is one of the most important safety nets for musicians in Australia. There aren’t very many in the life of an artist. It’s an incredibly precarious role and it takes its toll on your physical and mental health.

“If you can support Support Act, you will be a true patron of the arts.”

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