16 Sep 2020

Sound Equipment Auction in support of Ian Richardson

Ian Richardson was the first Meyer Sound Dealer in Australia. He also designed and hand-built mixing consoles, amplifiers, crossovers, parametric equalisers, and speaker cabinets.

Even though Ian has not done any live sound events for the past 20 years, a lot of the concert sound equipment that he bought from Meyer Sound and other manufacturers, and the equipment he built himself, is still in his warehouse in Botany, Sydney.

Ian’s health has been deteriorating over the last 18 months and he has been forced to clear his warehouse so that he can sell the premises, even though this is not a good time to be selling sound equipment.

There is a sale for the speakers and a separate sale for the electronics and cabling. 

The two sales are running concurrently from the 16th of September for one week.

The inspection day is Tuesday 22/09/2020 9am – 2pm.

For more details contact Garry Hall

0429 405 070


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