1 Jul 2013

Stuart Craig joins Crestron, Hills farewells Don McConnell

Former Hills SVL Manager Stuart Craig has been hired by Crestron International in a senior role that gives oversight to sales in Australia. Ironically he will now supervise the activities of his former firm, Hills SVL. This puts Crestron directly into the drivers seat, since Craig was instrumental in the brand’s success at Audio Telex, his family firm, and then Hills SVL when they purchased Audio Telex.

Craig left Hills SVL for a senior position at Panasonic earlier this year, and was then tapped for the Crestron role which answers to Randy Klein. Executive Vice President at Crestron Electronics in New York.

It is interesting Hills did not seek or obtain (by way of additional departure payments) restraints on Craig, since he now has enormous influence over the performance of what is the best performing brand within the whole Hills group. Presumably his departure from Hills was paved with goodwill, since now he returns in a God-like form, as the brand manager in charge of their main money spinner but working from the other side – where the brand seeks even better performance.

IN RELATED NEWS, long serving Hills SVL audio brand manager Don McConnell will leave the firm in a few weeks after accepting what he describes as a good redundancy offer. McConnell was with the firm, and before it Audio Telex, for over 25 years.


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