24 Nov 2014

TAG Takes Audio to APY Lands

Music plays a very important part in the lives of many Indigenous Australians and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) mob are no exception.  Seeing an opportunity to contribute some quality audio to the APY homelands TAG put together two packages and took a long drive.

The APY Lands are located south of Uluru in Central Australia and consist of more than a dozen remote communities of up to 500 residents, spread over about 100,000 square kilometers of sparsely populated beautiful red-dirt bush.

Playing music, singing and sharing, with participation by many if not most, is a big part of everyday community life.  During the day the kids learn their musical instruments as well as DJ skills, as part of their education and recreation and most nights people gather under the stars, around a rough stage or camp fire, or in the church yard.


So when the call for replacement of failing audio systems was received TAG Cares was keen to help out.

Packing two systems including pairs of QSC K10’s, Allen & Heath ZED mixers and Audio-Technica wires and wireless microphones into his ageing Nissan Patrol TAG CEO Maxwell Twartz set off up the Oodnadatta Track.  After 3000kms much of it on heavily corrugated dirt roads the systems undertook a rigorous vibration, shake and impact test.

One system was entrusted to Uniting Church Pastor Stanley Burton and local cultural advisor/traditional dancer Tapaya Edwards at Amata and the second 200 kilometers away at Mimili was set up for Pastor Mike Williams and community worker Tania Pompey.


“It was great to contribute to this remote Indigenous Community.”  Commented Twartz.  “There is some wonderful talent in the APY lands and whether it is music, dancing, speaking or singing an audio system is a central part.  As audio guys we can make a contribution, it’s an entrée to a better understanding and a chance to share some good times and see some amazing country.”

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