27 Jul 2022

VFM brings Titan AV+ to Brisbane

ENTECH has added single city exhibitor deals with VFM first to sign for Brisbane on Monday 17 October this year. They will show products from both lines in a larger exhibit space, electing to bring their own freight to the one show rather than touring all cities.

“We changed a lot after the big holiday”, says founder Julius Grafton. “We had so much fun finding new and different things to do during our two years out, like unblocking toilets in schools, and Kate ended up managing a pub restaurant! But while we explored these new avenues, we were always thinking and talking about how we could improve ENTECH when we came back. So we have.”

The family team tested a lot of new improvements on their SECTECH tour in May, which thankfully ran with record attendance, such that “we almost ran out of beer in Adelaide”, says Grafton. “That was a close call, verging on dangerous. But seriously, the time out has given us better perspective and one of the main things for this year was to run lean and tight across just the three east coast cities. And we got rid of the PA and Lighting Demos because we discovered at SECTECH when we axed the Camera Shootout, the exhibitors loved that the punters stayed longer on the floor, so they sold more stuff.”

Adding single city drop-in for exhibitors was never considered before ‘the big holiday’ as Grafton crafts the unfortunate pandemic shutdowns. Co-owner Kate McKenzie says “it allows exhibitors a chance to test the market”.

ENTECH is approaching its 30th anniversary, having been created by Grafton and his former wife Caroline, who passed away several years ago. “It’s a family business, and it’s the thing we enjoy running the most,” he said.


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