30 Aug 2023

Wentex Pipe and Drape Trollies – “One of these should go out on every gig”

Wentex, an international supplier of high-quality fabrics and textile products for the events, entertainment, and exhibition industries, does pipe and drape the way it should be; fast, neat, flexible, easy, organised, truck-packable, and portable.

Tony Davies, owner of Chameleon Touring Systems, was so impressed with Wentex’s Pipe and Drape Trollies when he saw them at PL+S in Frankfurt, he immediately pronounced that “One of these should go out on every gig.”

Designed for maximum efficiency and convenience, one trolley can hold up to 27 metres of Pipe and Drape curtain, along with all the necessary support gear. That means you can transport up to 9 Pipe and Drape curtains, 10 uprights, 9 telescopic drape supports, 10 baseplates (45×45 or 60×60 cm), and 10 baseplate pins (20 or 40 cm) with ease.


Thanks to its compact footprint dimensions of 60×80 cm, the Wentex Pipe and Drape Transport Trolley is truck-friendly, making it a great solution for event professionals who need to move quickly and efficiently.

The trolley features two swivel wheels with brakes and two fixed wheels, all 100 mm in size. This provides excellent manoeuvrability and stability, ensuring that your valuable Pipe & Drape Curtain and support gear remain safe and secure during transport.

It’s not just the ingenious gig-readiness that makes the Wentex solution a must for any event, it’s also the ease and speed with which it goes up. Unlike other pipe and drape products, Wentex’s use square tubes with Velcro attached along the length, meaning no ties or eyelets. Simply run the Velcro-fitted curtains along the length, smooth your hand over it, and you have perfect lines with no effort, no drooping, and no visible tubes.


The upright tubes are fitted with four-way adapters, meaning you can run drape supports in multiple directions. Articulation in the uprights and supports mean one person can easily set up for an event.  

“The Wentex Pipe and Drape Trolley is a unique solution,” said John McKissock, owner of Australian Wentex distributor Clearlight Shows. “For example, a venue like a hotel could roll out one trolley and wrap 27 metres of their ballroom, then roll away into a 60x80cm space. That is a very big setup in a very small footprint from a storage perspective.”

Check out Clearlight’s range of Wentex solutions at or call them on (03) 9553 1688


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