17 Apr 2014

10,000 and Kounting….

Launched in mid-2009 QSC’s K-Series took a very different slant on the powered speaker.  It was the first product that combined the company’s amplifier, speaker and DSP technologies, and with its unique combination of clean, corporate looks, plenty of headroom, comprehensive interconnectivity, and a new level of performance and audio accuracy, the K-Series hit a particularly sweet spot with musicians, installers and rental companies worldwide – with Australia being no exception.

In 2010 the birch ply KW series was introduced and the following year KLA (K-Series line-array) effectively completed the 10 model House-of-K (HoK) line up.  Stretching from 8” 2-way to concert line-array, HoK products just hit the remarkable milestone of 10,000 units deployed in Australia – in just under 5 years!  More importantly K has served at countless events in auditoriums, theatres, performance spaces, churches, pubs, clubs – in fact wherever sound and music needs to be heard loud and clear indoors or out.  Musicians have rocked the stage, preachers proclaimed the word, orators have spoken to crowded rooms, DJ’s have partied, actors have whispered, wept and raged, and audiences have heard, enjoyed, laughed, rejoiced, applauded.

’10,000 units is a remarkable milestone’ said Joe Pham QSC’s CEO.  ‘May I take the opportunity to thank the thousands of Australians who have embraced HoK products.  Thank you for trusting us, for investing in us and for relying on us.  QSC put its very soul into HoK – our best ideas, advanced research; and precision engineering – and we truly believe we have the best powered speaker in the marketplace.  To have so many Australians share that same belief and so strongly support us is truly humbling; it gives us the greatest satisfaction.  We sincerely hope we can continue to meet your needs and impress you with the product offerings from QSC that are yet to come.’

Unique in their use of a single 1000w amplifier/DSP platform, the ten HoK members deliver the same audio footprint that allows them to be mixed and matched in complex performance spaces or installations.  The 4 model K-Series comprises 2-way ABS 8”, 10”, and 12” speakers with an accompanying double 12” band-pass subwoofer, KW models, manufactured from Baltic birch ply, include 12” and 15” 2-ways, 15” 3-way and 18” front loaded subwoofer, and the two KLA models are a 12” 2-way line array element and a flyable 18-inch subwoofer.

Audio accuracy and performance built their reputation but equally appreciated are the HoK products facilities and features like input flexibility: three internally mixable audio sources, advanced DSP capabilities with preset EQ settings, ‘Intrinsic Correction’, vocal boost and ‘DEEP™’ for additional bass extension, DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) for matched LF and HF coverage, tilt direct for downward angling of pole mounted speakers and the very important single person portability and handling of both subs and speakers.

HoK extends from K8 at $1,199 to KLA12 at $3,999.  QSC is based in Los Angeles USA and distributed in Australia by Technical Audio Group, 43-53 Bridge Road, STANMORE NSW 2048. Phone (02) 9519 0900. Email:


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