11 Oct 2017

Review: L-Acoustics Syva

By Julius Grafton.

So it’s another column system?” I say. The guys at Hills look at me like I’ve mentioned some one or some thing they don’t like.

“It’s a collinear source system”, says Gerry Gavros.


“A collinear source array, all in one line. This gives coherency in high frequency with better summation. Here, come have a look…..”

Bugger me, this is an interesting device, I think. It is essentially a K2 line array element, unpacked and re-packaged. So it goes really, really loud. And wide: 140 degrees wide.

It comes as a pair with the Syva Low, and sits into a rebated space on top. In this form, it is ready to be placed on a riser, or anywhere. In terms of form, it is unconventionally beautiful.

Made of timber, it has a tough painted finish that can be optioned from a variety of colours.

Inside the Syva are 6 x 5”mid range drivers, and 3 x 1.75” high frequency drivers on a dosc wave guide. This is kicked up by 5 degrees, and down by 21 degrees, to give a most typical coverage.

Syva is passive, in that it requires a single amplifier channel – from a LA4X amplified controller with DSP. This is a 4 x 1,000 watt amp, that draws just 10 amps of mains at peak.

The Syva Low has 2 x 12” drivers, and it requires a separate channel of amplifier. The LA4X provides the correct signal shape for each device.

Used together you get happy low end from 40Hz.

For even more bass, there is the Syva Sub. This different (but same sized) box contains one 12” driver, and kicks down to 27 Hz. Each of these  wants one channel of LA4X amplification.

We heard a variety of tracks outdoors, and I can confirm the manufacturer claims. It goes wide, it goes long, and it goes loud!

There are a variety of optional mounting brackets – wall, stand alone, truss and some soft cases and road cases. When you mate the Syva with the Low, it connects through a plug on the base. If you hang it, you can connect through a plate on the back.

The possible uses for this are very wide – it could service a smaller performing arts centre with maybe one Syva for balcony, and one for stalls.

It would be the answer for a lot of corporate gigs where they will not tolerate things on stands or stacks.

It even has high-end domestic potential, if you had a multimedia room larger than normal.

The modular bottom end options make it very versatile, and the fussy L-Acoustic design makes it sound like a K2. Which it really is.


Model: Syva

Pricing: RRP inc gst

LA4X $10,943

Syva $13,158

Syva Low $5,898

Syva Sub $4,310

Product Info:



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