15 Oct 2018

20 Questions – David Henderson

20 Questions – David Henderson

David Henderson is a freelance audio engineer with 30-odd years of experience in both live production and studio recording.

David Henderson

He has worked with a diverse range of acts including Pardon Me Boys, Gina Jeffreys, The Screaming Jets, Lee Kernaghan, Suzi Quatro and more, whilst also freelancing for several production companies. Recording credits include the Gadflies, Regurgitator, The Screaming Jets, Coldplay live broadcast from the Enmore Theatre and Katie Perry live broadcast from the Opera House.

1. What are the three best things about your job?
The people, music, and travel.

2. And the three worst things?
Stairs, hours, and waiting.


3. What do you never leave home without when working? 
My man bag, and laptop as they contain my life.

4. What was the worst nightmare you encountered on the road? 
Having no loaders turn up when you’re meant to have 22, two semis and an eight tonner. The show went on of course but it was a hell of a day.

5. What has been the strangest request from an artist?

 To move an RF receiver closer to him because he could hear the delay of it being three metres away.

6. Who was hell to work with (probably best not to actually mention name but elude to it)? 

Always the least talented seem to be the hardest to deal with.

7. What is the most stupid request you’ve had from a member of the public, artist or promoter?

To mix in a stair well, as the promoter had sold the entire room leaving nowhere for the FOH console, a little PM3000!

8. In your opinion, what’s the best show you’ve worked on and why? 

There has been many but ‘Back to Back Beatles’ was an awesome experience. Incredible band, 21-piece orchestra and some great voices, and a great crew. I was on monitors and it was quite a challenge, but having a DiGiCo SD7 made the job a joy.

9. What is the most bizarre sight you have ever seen at a gig? 

A crowd of 45,000 stop in the middle of a rock festival and go silent for an hour of prayer, it was quite surreal from an outsider’s view.

10. Who do you admire in the industry and why?

The many great crews I have worked with. They have your back, mateship and knowledge. There is always something to learn from someone.

11. Which venue is your favourite and why? 

The Tivoli in Brisbane comes to mind. It’s just a great room, great crew, access, and it sounds great.

12. Which recent piece of production gear do you view as a game-changer? 

Besides the Digico SD series, especially the 5 and 7, the new range of speakers from Adamson are amazing.

13. What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done on tour? 

Work with the late great Pat Pickett … for years…

14. What was the worst weather event you’ve encountered at an outdoors gig? 
Red Hot Summer at Bribie Island last year. Ten minutes before Suzi Q was due on stage a storm hit like I have never seen, 180kph wind gusts for 40 mins. It was scary, eight of us holding the FOH tent down, had to drop all walls on the stage, and the crowd was evacuated.

15. What would your ideal rig contain? 
Digico SD7, Adamson PA to suit, and I would be in a happy place.

16. Which band would you most like to work for and why? 

Pink Floyd – I would love the quadraphonic experience, and the budget.

17. Do you have a favourite mantra to get you through the day? 

There are no problems, only solutions.

18. What do you think of the Australian live music industry at the moment? 

It’s a bit of a roller coaster but seems to be improving.

19. If you could invent anything to do with audio, what would it be? 

Not really audio but teleportation would be handy.

20. What did you really want to be when you grew up?

A pilot of course.

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