29 Jul 2021

Absen LED in virtual production

In recent years, LED has skyrocketed in popularity as a broadcast and virtual studios solution to creating extraordinary cinematic effects that can be flexible to the needs of any space. By using the latest LED technology, studios across the globe have begun to adopt LED as an upgrade from traditional green screens, as evidenced in Absen’s latest installations within virtual studios.

In response to the difficulties of the pandemic, virtual studios have begun to use LED technology to host live online events for all kinds of industries, from education, to corporate, to music.

In 2020, UK-based event production company Sterling Event Group designed a live studio production space that enabled it to continue providing high quality online events throughout the pandemic, named Sterling Studio. The 230 sqm black box space provides a one-metre-wide stage, backed by a 16m x 3m curved LED screen, which was created with Absen’s Polaris 2.5mm Pro panels.


The screen is paramount to Sterling Studio and provides sharp, high quality visuals that are impactful on camera and in person. The Polaris series also features a curved locking system, allowing for convex (-7.5˚) or concave (+10˚) shapes to be modelled as needed to further improve the striking visual effect. The result is an immersive environment capable of adapting to the needs of the studio; the LED screen can display presentations, social media feeds, and other custom backgrounds simultaneously for any clients that wish to hire the space.

This use of LED for broadcasting and live events has also been found in Sweden’s Gothia Towers, where Absen’s Acclaim Series, the A2715 Pro, has been used to create an interactive hybrid room, nicknamed “The Studio”.

The Studio required a flexible system that could provide the perfect environment for a hybrid conference room, but also be used as a streaming studio for recordings and live broadcasts. The 180-degree panoramic LED display is suitable for streaming and viewing up close due to its high resolution and 1.5mm pixel pitch, making the A2715 Pro the ideal solution.

Visually, the A27 boasts a 600-nit brightness, with an incredibly high contrast rate, and effective heat dissipation, made possible through Absen’s Common Cathode Technology. The robust nature of the product is down to its 4-in-1 pixel configuration, making it one of the strongest indoor LED options on the market. These attributes contributed to the installation immensely, as not only would the display be visually impactful, but also have durability, and essentially be a futureproof installation capable of managing LED on camera in the pandemic era and beyond.

With Absen’s indoor displays, the broadcast vertical is evidently embracing the creative possibilities of LED, and this trend looks set to continue in all kinds of filming and streaming applications for many years to come.

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