24 Oct 2023

Absen Worldwide Gathering 2023 – New Touring and Rental LED Products Revealed

On October 18, 2023, the Absen Autumn Event 2023 was successfully held at the Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre. This was Absen’s first autumn launch event in the past three years. Absen’s Chairman Hansen Ding, along with the company’s management team, welcomed overseas partners from five continents for a discussion about global market dynamics, fostering greater and deeper cooperation.

Visitors toured the Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Center and experienced the power of advanced intelligent manufacturing on site.

Rapid Growth of the LED Rental Market: AbsenLive is Building Momentum for a Breakthrough

During his opening speech at the beginning of the event, Hansen Ding, Chairman of Absen, delivered a warm welcome to the overseas partners who had traveled from afar to attend the event. This was followed by the head of AbsenLive providing an in-depth overview of Absen’s recent achievements from various perspectives, including company profile, operational data, and strategic planning, giving guests a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of Absen.

Since 2022, Absen has steadily implemented the “1+3” category brands strategy, forming a new brand matrix featuring the parent brand and category brands, such as AbsenLive, Absenicon, and AbsenCP. This strategy focuses on developing key product categories and strengthening Absen’s influence in vertical niche markets.

Virtual production and the global high-end rental market have developed rapidly in recent years. A number of product series have been released by AbsenLive that cater to a variety of market segments, including corporate events, live concerts, broadcasting, public events, xR stages, and virtual production scenarios, making it the preferred choice for many professional users across the globe.

During the event, Absen’s Chief Technology Officer highlighted the importance of establishing unified product standards and industry regulations as China moves towards becoming the global manufacturing hub for LED rental products. AbsenLive is committed to contributing to the industry’s healthy development with simple, user-friendly products that are of high quality and high stability, making the world shine more.

New AbsenLive products unveiled: Empowering your stage

As part of the event, Absen’s Product Market Director presented the core features and application advantages of various new products, including the JP V2 series, JP Pro series, SA series, and PR series, thereby contributing to innovative stage art and enhancing customer value.

The JP V2 series lightweight curtain screen offers a brightness of 4500 nits, an ultra-high refresh rate of 7680Hz, and a 16-bit high grayscale level. Due to its carbon fiber tube and die-cast magnesium material, this panel is lightweight and durable, making it one of the best user experiences available on the market today.

The JP Pro Series curtain screen is a high-end touring stage rental curtain screen with up to 50% transparency and a high-strength composite structure designed to reduce weight and increase durability. Thanks to the large panel size, users can create creative stages with ease.

Moreover, the attendees were impressed by the ultra-light rental screens of the SA series and products of the award-winning PR series due to their superior display quality, innovative structural design, and exceptional user experience.

During the Panel Discussion segment, industry experts from five continents participated in an in-depth discussion and exchange on the market trends in LED stage rental and virtual production, innovations of cutting-edge technology, and more.

The event provided customers and partners with an in-depth presentation of Absen’s development strategy, with emphasis on the launch of AbsenLive’s new products and upcoming plans. There was unanimous praise for it among the attendees. In the future, Absen will continue to create value for customers around the world based on market demand, category brand development, and continuous innovation.


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