14 Jun 2012

American Service Standards Slip

As CX enters day 3 of the Infocomm reconnoiter, we suspect some big problems have emerged with customer service standards.

At entry to Terminal 5 on Tuesday 12 June, passengers had a longer-than-remembered queue. Four agents were assigned to 300 people. That math means a log wait, which we had. More than 70 minutes – is that OK? And as usual since we cannot remember, we did not have a ‘welcome to the USA’ – just a lot of hostile questions, like ‘When did you last visit?’ and “Where are you staying?’

The border security is understood, but not the oppressive heat and the hard yelling by all in power. Welcome to America.


Hertz really ballsed the breakdown. We were 100 miles from Vegas on the i15 and it was 109 degrees, Hertz flicked us on to their emergency number, who are contractors. Who initially promised 15 – 20 minutes, and then amended to 40 – 45. This after they dropped our call, resulting in a total restart, while sitting in the baked out convertible, no shade, now 110 degrees beside the road (no shade).

Then AAA towing had their robot call us to say it would be 2 to 2.5 hours.

Eventually they arrived, we spent 3.0 hours beside the road. The tow contractor came 40 miles, from the nearest town.


Hertz finalized the rental at full rate, despite the Vegas manager leaving a message with L.A. to the effect we felt a refund was in order. That matter is still open. There is no sweetener from Hertz for our experience, albeit we understand things happen. But this is for someone with a Hertz President Circle card, supposedly a most valued customer. Imagine if we were Joe Doe?

Now to Hilton Hotel, Elara on East Harmon Avenue in Las Vegas.

Today the room was not made up. On calling the front desk it remained thus. A second call resulted in a clean towel.

A mate said earlier today his room at another (not Hilton) property was also thus affected. Exactly the same problem.

We surmised it is a new USA management school tactic to flesh out the customer complaints. Upon gently complaining, as it is not the front desk clerk whom is to blame, we got a promise to fix which was not delivered, and a second call delivered fresh towels and a promise of a highly conditional discount. Which possibly will not be posted on the room account. This for a Hilton Diamond member, again supposedly their best customer.

We just want what we pay for, without the hassles. Don’t you?


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