11 Sep 2020

AMX SVSi – AVoIP Pioneers

Presented by Harman

AMX’s SVSi was one of the first AVoIP products to market, and HARMAN’s huge international footprint means that it’s one of the mostly widely adopted platforms in the industry. We take a look at two recent Australian SVSi installations, one corporate and one education…

Lendlease Sydney

Headquartered in Sydney, Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group responsible for many monumental construction projects that have become cornerstones within their local communities, including the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York, the Olympic Athletes’ Village in London, and the Sydney Opera House.


With the goal of improving their activity-based working model, Lendlease hired leading AV specialist consultants Audio Systems Logic to design a building-wide networked AV solution.

After careful consideration, Audio Systems Logic selected a HARMAN system comprised of state-of-the-art AMX SVSI solutions and JBL Professional speakers.

“Lendlease wanted to make sure the AV system in their new building would complement their activity-based workplace office design,” said Aleksandra Deren, Consultant, Audio Systems Logic.

“To help them achieve this goal, we proposed implementing a versatile networked AV solution that could support a wide range of presentation styles and activities.

“We selected HARMAN’s AMX SVSI solutions to ensure the new system is flexible, reliable, and easy to use.”

The Audio Systems Logic team determined that an IP-based solution would give Lendlease the flexibility needed to achieve their vision. AMX SVSI solutions played a big role in enabling Audio Systems Logic to deliver a reliable network performance and intuitive AV operation throughout the entire building.

To minimise the uplink bandwidth between individual floors, Fredon Technology installed AMX SVSI N1000 Series encoders and decoders on each floor. This ensured video could be delivered to thousands of destinations across a range of applications and networks.

We selected HARMAN’s AMX SVSI solutions to ensure the new system is flexible, reliable, and easy to use

“We have utilized SVSI in previous installations and were immediately impressed by how quickly it allows you to switch between different presentation formats, video conferencing and more,” said Nick Orsatti, General Manager – NSW, Fredon Technology.

“The Lendlease installation was a much bigger project in scope, but the intuitive design of the SVSI system helped us overcome the challenges associated with a much larger deployment.”

The installation team outfitted the facility with a range of AMX Modero Touch Panels to give staff the ability to quickly and easily set up multimedia presentations. Modero Touch Panels deliver intuitive, gesture-based operation in a streamlined interface that is ideal for interactive meetings and to enhance collaboration.

The entire system is controlled using AMX NetLinx Controllers and managed and monitored via the AMX Resource Management Suite.

“As one of the world’s largest property and construction companies, we focus on not just creating the best assets but also activating them,” said Katrina Stewart, Workplace Delivery Manager, Lendlease.

“We wanted to showcase to our clients a future-forward workspace that supports collaboration and video conferencing across multiple locations. With this overall goal in mind, Audio Systems Logic teamed up with Fredon Technology to create a unique workspace with a simple user experience tailored to our specific needs.

“We’re glad to say that the entire Lendlease team is raving about how easy it is to use the AMX SVSI system. We’re excited to see people moving away from booking formal meeting rooms in favour of using more of these open, collaborative spaces.”

To offer pristine sound quality throughout the entire facility, Fredon Technology equipped the building with JBL Control 24C and 24CT Micro ceiling speakers.

The speakers deliver extremely wide coverage and smooth frequency response to ensure that audio streamed over the network can be heard with clarity from anywhere in the building.

“It is a privilege to see our networked AV solutions helping leading companies like Lendlease implement customised, multifaceted solutions for their activity-based workplaces,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC.

“We thank Audio Systems Logic and Fredon Technology for their exceptional service and inspiring workplace innovation by transforming the perception of modern meeting spaces.”


With campuses across 25 locations in Australia, CQUniversity offers undergraduate, postgraduate, short courses and certificates in engineering, information technology, business and visual arts, among others.

As a pioneer in the field of collaborative learning, many of CQUniversity’s campuses are home to multi-pod collaborative classrooms.

Integrated with video conferencing facilities that enable high-definition audio and video connectivity, the classrooms allow students to connect with lecturers across CQU’s network of campuses.

CQU engaged Videopro to develop the next-generation AV platform for these critical teaching spaces. “The university’s new collaborative learning environment required a robust, integrated, networked AV system for content distribution within the classroom.

“A primary requirement was that the solution be able to provide application-level visibility, monitoring, and traffic control to the IT team,” said Scott Maunsell, Account Manager and Programmer, Videopro.

“We chose the AMX SVSi N1000 Series Conference Room Solution with the VLAN tagging feature. VLAN tagging allows for labelling packets of AV data with a specific VLAN number/ID, thereby allowing network administrators to regulate switches to allow or disallow traffic flow from one VLAN to other ports.

“This resulted in superior content distribution and enterprise-grade remote management of AV data from various VLANs across multiple campuses.”

We’ve been able to make significant strides in advancing our efforts to establish a flexible, functional, feature-rich AV system

The AMX SVSi N1000 Series encoder/decoders were integrated with NX Controllers and Modero G5 Touch Panels. The N1000 Series provides highly flexible network customisation features. It allows video and audio to be packetised into a standard IP format to distribute content via standard network infrastructure.

The AMX NX Integrated Controllers provide secure machine-to-machine communication and automation, while the ultra-low-profile Modero G5 Touch Panels provide a fully customised, ultra-simple user interface for the teachers using these complex spaces.

“It was essential for CQUniversity to bring content closer to students, and provide our IT team full visibility, execute remote configuration, track performance and troubleshoot issues remotely.

“We wanted a simple-to-deploy digital media distribution and switching solution that has the ability to direct any source stream to any display,” said Phil Greig, Teaching Space Technology Coordinator, CQUniversity.

“We’ve been able to make significant strides in advancing our efforts to establish a flexible, functional, feature-rich AV system, and are extremely satisfied with the support and commitment from Videopro and HARMAN Professional Solutions.”

“We are privileged to be associated with the prestigious CQUniversity,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP and GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC.

“The deployment called for a highly progressive solution. We would like to thank Videopro for their tireless efforts in creating impactful learning and teaching experiences through the effective use of AV technologies.”

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