2 Feb 2018

ARCA Meltdown- Fixed

CHANGED: This Australian Roadcrew Association (ARCA) story has been changed after hysterical over-reaction from some paranoid members.

ARCA was formed five years ago after a reunion where a straw poll revealed a significant number of crew from the 1970’s and 1980’s were missing, many known have taken their own lives. A more organised campaign led to the stunning realisation that roughly one quarter of all known crew from that era were, in fact, dead.

This led to the study which produced an alarming statistic showing one in twelve CURRENT working technicians has contemplated suicide.

ARCA became incorporated and formed an alliance with Support Act, raising donations (tax deductible, please DO give, here) which go directly towards helping crew (and others in the music industry) who really actually do need help.

CX has been involved in several cases referred to Support Act, which were handled with speed, sensitivity and discretion. It is an invaluable and vital support agency that struggles to find enough money to deal with a heavy caseload.

Given the indisputable role ARCA has assumed, it needs support, and its small cadre of volunteer workers somehow get things done, often in strange ways.

CX regards the ARCA board as partly toxic, irrational, delusional and perplexing. Within the organisation there is chaos, mismanagement of structure and a lot of diversion, division and distraction.

But it somehow works. And it is worthy of support.

ARCA is at ENTECH, drop in and give them some love, buy some mech, or donate some cash.

(Picture: Jimmy Barnes at an ARCA function).


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