4 Oct 2012

Australia’s Best Looking TV Show!

Here’s a big shout out to the crew and creatives behind the best looking show on Australian TV just now.

It’s a shame the networks no longer show credits after a show, nor do they post a crew list anywhere on the show website – least not where CX can see.

X-Factor Australia is lush, clever and cleverly lit. The almost wrap around LED screens give the crew a massive palette, and wow – it is used for great effect and really brings the virtual set alive.

Here’s a clip – and below, a full list of the creatives and suppliers on the vision side. CX salutes you all!

Ian Anderson – Production Lighting Design and Direction (Mitech Design)

Paul Collison – Lighting Director, Screens (Eleven Design)

Stuart Anderson – Lighting Director, White light

Glenn Wilson – Graphic Designer, Screen content.

Graham Anderson – Lighting Assistant

Grant Hickey – Chameleon Crew Chief

Adam Smith – Chameleon Systems

Alex Celi – Chameleon Systems

Marty Webber – Chameleon Systems

Luke Cuthbertson – Chameleon Account Manager

Matt Teale – TDC Systems

Takao Hashino – TDC

Peter Gravell – Followspot

Corey Poplawski – Followspot

Jay Silk – Followspot

Garrick Palmer – Followspot


LED Screens – Michael Hassett – TDC

Pandoras Box Media Servers – Paul Collison – Eleven Design

Lighting/Rigging/Drapes/Video elements- Tony Davies – Chameleon

Set LED Lighting – Mark Hunt – Lightopia

Rigging – Pollard Productions

Broadcast – Global Television

Set Construction – MJB Sets

Freelance Crew: Showcall


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