21 Sep 2016

Australian Technology Park set record straight

EXCLUSIVE: Following last week’s report that builder Mirvac have moved construction forward at Australian Technology Park, the venue managers have sought to put the record straight. Mirvac and the NSW Government development arm, UrbanGrowth NSW have attempted to downplay the situation with statements implying it is ‘business as usual’ at ATP.

Anything but, say the venue, where virtually all contracted events for the first half of 2017 have scrambled to find alternative venues – leaving ATP empty yet paying rent to Mirvac.

ATP today circulated a copy of a letter from Mirvac which brings the works forward even EARLIER than previously understood. Now the site will lose one of the two outdoor car parks from NEXT MONTH; with the other closed early in January.


The effect on events booked for the rest of 2016 cannot be known, as all carparks enjoy dynamic demand. However the influx of building trades is bound to have an effect.

Here is the summary of the possible effects for work at the site from next month:

Building 1 (Lot 9) – on the corner of Henderson Road and Davy Road – ACROSS Channel 7

  1. The construction of Building 1 will commence in October 2016.
  2. Hoarding, fencing, amenities and traffic modification works zones will be established around the building perimeter.
  3. Construction works will involve multiple crews, piling rigs, anchor rigs, excavation and concrete pumping.
  4. Closure of certain pedestrian footpaths to/from Henderson Road and Davy Road and creation of temporary replacement pedestrian footpaths.
  5. Constructions zones will be in operation during approved working hours.
  6. Construction zones will be utilised for unloading of vehicles and general materials handling.
  7. Traffic controllers will be in place at all times when zones are in operation.
  8. Likely impact of construction works will be:
    1. a)  Noise – hoarding erection and truck movements, piling rig and anchor operation, concrete pump and place, formwork and scaffold erection activities, crane operation.
    2. b)  Dust – excavation works with dust suppression in place.
    3. c)  Traffic –truck movements, changes to traffic flow and work zone in operation.


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