12 Apr 2023

AV1’s Women in Tech, Part 2

On the week before International Women’s Day (IWD), AV1 hosted an event at our HQ for Women in AV and Tech.

The event was organised by AV1’s People and Culture Manager, Alyce Kelly-Kidd, with the aim of bringing people together to discuss what IWD means before they go into their networks.

Encouraging open and honest conversations


Alyce structured the event around a series of questions. Attendees, including teachers, fellow AV suppliers, technical operators and AV1 staff, were asked to write and submit notes about:

What you wanted to see before you entered the industry;

What you want to see now;


Lines you never wish to hear again and;

Your biggest achievement over the last two years.

These prompts encouraged open, honest and empowering conversations among the attendees. Below are some of the submissions:

Attendees were also made aware of the signs of purple washing in their networks, and empowered to speak up about it.

The importance of emotional intelligence

One of the most significant takeaways from the event was that women saw examples of fellow women in leadership demonstrating that it’s okay to be emotional. The stereotype that women in leadership must be tough and emotionless was challenged, and attendees were reminded that vulnerability and emotional intelligence can be valuable assets in leadership roles.

The event was a reminder that IWD is not just one day of the year when we should talk about these things. In fact, that’s why we held the event a week before International Women’s Day. Attendees were empowered to take their learnings and discussions back to their workplaces and networks, creating an ongoing conversation about women in AV and tech.

Alyce addresses the room at AV1 HQ

Let’s talk about some hard truths

It is important to acknowledge that events are essential in creating a more equitable and diverse workplace. Women are underrepresented in the AV and tech industries, and events like these bring visibility to their achievements and challenges. This increased visibility is crucial in creating more opportunities for women in the field.

In addition to discussing the challenges faced by women in the industry, attendees also shared their achievements over the past two years. This was a moment to celebrate the successes of women in the industry and recognise their contributions.

What’s next?

Alyce will host a follow-up event after the Easter long weekend, on Friday 14 April. We will reflect on the conversations you heard, share your achievements in the month previous, and discuss ‘where to next?’.



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