5 Jul 2014

Avid Announces Key Enhancements to Artist Suite Control Surfaces

Avid® today announced the availability of key updates to its state-of-the-art professional mixing solutions that form a key part of the Avid Artist Suite of creative tools for audio, video and live sound production. The new versions of Pro Tools | S6 and System 5 deliver streamlined workflows, driving efficiency and speed improvements that empower mixing professionals to handle the biggest and most complex mixes under the modern pressures of less time and budget.

As part of the Avid Artist Suite, Pro Tools | S6 and System 5 are run on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, a common services foundation that delivers on the Avid Everywhere™ strategic vision for helping content creators and media organizations connect with their audiences in more powerful, efficient, collaborative and profitable ways. Through the MediaCentral Platform, users can access an even wider range of tools and experts for collaboration, music production, and monetization of their own content.

The System 5 version 6.0 software update provides full support for and integration with Dolby Atmos®. Filmmakers use Dolby Atmos to place and move sounds anywhere in the movie theatre, including overhead, to make film audiences feel as if they are inside the movie and not merely watching it. It includes support for:

  • 9.1 panning of “bed” channels
  • Integrated monitor control of the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU)
  • Object metadata panning either direct from the console or through plug-in control
  • Direct Atmos plug-in control in Pro Tools® from System 5.
  • Deeper integration with EUCON control including VCA Spill, automation control and more




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