16 Oct 2013

Award winning SGM G-SPOT soon to be available in Australia

SGM’s new G-Spot moving head has scooped this year’s London PLASA show winning the prestigious PLASA Award for Innovation. This award recognises products that advance the industry by demonstrating a new style of thinking, improving technical practice or taking a key step forward in terms of safety. .

The G-Spot was awarded the accolade for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has achieved double the light output since the first protocol was unveiled and now delivers a brightness that outperforms most 1500 watt discharge lamps, with a virtually unlimited colour palette.

However, its IP65 rating is the real differentiator, making it water-, dirt- and sand-proof. This means there will be no accumulation of dust or other externally induced impact on optics, gobos or lamp unit, and so maintenance is kept to a minimum.

These were all points picked up on by the adjudicating panel, who noted that “The G-Spot is the first fully weatherised automated profile spot. It’s an elegant and aesthetically pleasing fixture that will be able to withstand any show in any environment.” David Croxton, Director of local SGM distributor Entertainment Technology Australia commented, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to release this new weatherproof moving head to the Australian market. Initial production numbers are limited but we do hope to have stock available before the end of the year.”

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