1 May 2018

Ayrton Mistral TC

Mistral™TC, is a fantastic new 14,000 lumen white LED spot fixture from Ayrton, and just one of the much-anticipated new developments in Ayrton’s Automated Luminaires range.

Launched at Prolight+Sound 2018, Mistral-TC is the latest in Ayrton’s new range of fixtures, named both in honour of North African desert winds and some of the hottest performance cars on the planet, which signifies a new era in the company’s development as it focuses on a sensational new range of LED spot and wash light fixtures.

Sharing a form factor with its compact sibling, Merak™, Mistral-TC is an extremely versatile, feature-rich, white LED source spot in an incredibly small package and a weight of less than 19 kg. Designed for applications requiring perfect colour reproduction, Mistral-TC once again pushes the boundaries of technology with an entirely new white LED module, calibrated at 7000K, with a native CRI greater than 90 and extremely high TM30 readings, making it ideal for applications such as fashion shows or car shows. Mistral-TC delivers an output of over 14,000 lumens, and has an incredible 7° – 53° beam spread with perfect image resolution at all beam angles.


Mistral-TC’s prolific list of features includes CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and a seven-position complementary colour wheel all of which combine to produce an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colours. The effects section includes seven indexable rotating gobos and nine fixed gobos – all of which are interchangeable, a continuous graphic animation effects wheel, 15-blade iris, a five-facet indexable rotating prism, and a soft-edge frost filter. Heat is dissipated by Ayrton’s unique and highly efficient liquid cooling system with a silent ventilation mode designed specifically for studio and theatre applications.

Powerful, fast, precise, versatile and intuitive, Mistral-TC offers unrivalled performance in its category with nothing of its size, weight, brightness and number of functions on the market.

Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s Global Sales Director states: “The new line of wash and spot fixtures has been developed in response to our customers’ demand for a full range of lighting solutions from Ayrton that cover every aspect of lighting and size of venue, with enough flexibility and stamina to meet the demand of any performance space or tour. The arrival of Mistral-TC as a complement to our Merak LED wash fixture really sees the range taking shape, and our customers are extremely excited to see the way our ranges are developing.”

View Ayrton’s Mistral-TC presentation video here:

Designed by Stephane Migné, Ayrton’s famous lightshow at Prolight+Sound featured over 300 fixtures, including Mistral-TC which performed stunning gobo work amid the new products presented at this year’s show. The whole show can watched here:

Further stunning video demonstrations of the wide range of Ayrton LED fixtures and lightshows can be viewed on the Ayrton video channel at

More information on the extensive portfolio of Ayrton LED fixtures can be found at



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