Wireless: The (ALMOST) new laws. Time for a quick comment!

13 Dec 2012

(13 Dec, 2012) Here we go – the ACMA held a Wireless Mic workshop last week. The upshot is that YOU have a short period to make comments, and then the following becomes LAW: 1. FROM the end of December 2014 the digital dividend spectrum (694–820 MHz) is NOT available for wireless audio transmitters. This…

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St Kilda Screen Collapse – near miss for punters

12 Dec 2012

12 December 2012 While CX doesn’t have ALL the details, it appears the collapse of an outdoor cinema screen structure at St Kilda last week could have maimed or killed audience members, had the timing been different. This is the picture of the structure as collapsed: Entertainment rigger Michael (Nitrox) Petrani was driving past on…

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Rumor today: Norwest to acquire Cairellie

11 Dec 2012

11 December 2012 (Fresh denial at bottom) CX usually lets these fly through to the keeper. But today the biz is abuzz with the possibility that Sydney production firm Cairellie will join Norwest. Cairellie is a technical production supplier who supply sound, lights, vision and communication systems – a one-stop shop. They have arena capability,…

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Can this be the same structure at St Kilda?

10 Dec 2012

December 10, 2012 We asked for info about this structure failure, and were amazed when a reader pointed us to The Age on December 4: “High winds have forced the organisers of St Kilda’s open air cinema to cancel tonight’s screening”. “A spokeswoman for Openair Cinemas has hit back at suggestions that the screen fell…

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Nexo STM: Is the CX story fair and reasonable?

10 Dec 2012

Now we’ve recovered from the Behringer X32 excitement, it would be fair to throw the Nexo STM into the conversation circle that is CX. Matt Girgis starts the ball rolling. “As a long time reader of CX I’m pretty shocked about your article on Nexo STM in the latest issue. I was at that launch…

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Allans Billy Hyde to close. No sale

17 Oct 2012

17 OCT 2012: This received today: (Pic: Billy Hyde Adelaide today. Store closing) The Receivers and Managers of Australia’s largest independent music retailer, Australian Music Group Holdings Pty Ltd (AMG), trading as Allans Billy Hyde, have announced that efforts to sell the business have failed and it will be closed down. The 513 remaining AMG…

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Juliusmedia Resumes Training

7 Sep 2012

The Concourse Chatswood has become the first performing arts centre in Australia to offer in-house backstage technical training to external applicants. Short courses in stage lighting and theatre sound will commence across the Christmas school holidays, aimed at those  interested in obtaining practical technical skills.   Training at The Concourse will be conducted by Juliusmedia, the…

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CX reported possible collapse in February 2012

23 Aug 2012

(23 August) CX said the possible collapse would rejuvenate the struggling music equipment retail market. In the same way that removing Borders helped smaller retailers. For our trouble, we received a royal shellacking from Australian Music Group directors and a nice bag of hate mail from clearly distressed and upset store staff. Understandable. At the…

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Infocomm Delivers

16 Jun 2012

(FRIDAY, LV) Today is the final day of Infocomm at Las Vegas Convention Centre, and CX can report it is a highly successful and sustainable trade show. Over 900 exhibitors and 34,000 (est) visitors give this show international pull, with approximately 100 Australians attending. (Jman and Maiz on the dancefloor) Infocomm slowly consumed AES and…

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CX-TV News June

14 Jun 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 8.43.06 PM

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Remember Global Rewards? Qantas points may soon be worthless

9 Jun 2012

Far from CX to alarm you, your mum, or startle the chooks. But a week ago it was unthinkable that Qantas would be in loss, despite the continual doom and gloom from its besieged management. Today’s Weekend Business (SMH) openly canvasses The End of the Airline as we know it. When Ansett closed down without…

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LED screens and RF Interference

6 Jun 2012

Re : Richard Cadena’s blurb on RF interference from LED screens (read post HERE) is timely. Australia, and in particular Sydney is having lots of problems with this lately. Only a few weeks ago, we had a routine visit from the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) technical guys at one of the transmitter sites…

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