Infocomm Delivers

16 Jun 2012

(FRIDAY, LV) Today is the final day of Infocomm at Las Vegas Convention Centre, and CX can report it is a highly successful and sustainable trade show. Over 900 exhibitors and 34,000 (est) visitors give this show international pull, with approximately 100 Australians attending. (Jman and Maiz on the dancefloor) Infocomm slowly consumed AES and…

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CX-TV News June

14 Jun 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 8.43.06 PM

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Remember Global Rewards? Qantas points may soon be worthless

9 Jun 2012

Far from CX to alarm you, your mum, or startle the chooks. But a week ago it was unthinkable that Qantas would be in loss, despite the continual doom and gloom from its besieged management. Today’s Weekend Business (SMH) openly canvasses The End of the Airline as we know it. When Ansett closed down without…

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LED screens and RF Interference

6 Jun 2012

Re : Richard Cadena’s blurb on RF interference from LED screens (read post HERE) is timely. Australia, and in particular Sydney is having lots of problems with this lately. Only a few weeks ago, we had a routine visit from the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) technical guys at one of the transmitter sites…

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CUA13: Some good, Some bad

28 May 2012

MELBOURNE: Monday 28th May 2012 The proposed new entertainment training package (see previous blog) has some interesting components. Thankfully the Certificate IV has an ELECTIVE in soldering, but it is our informed guess no TAFE or college will put this unit into the qualification. Sadly the Certificate II and Certificate III remain in the province…

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CUA13 is firming up. New training package in formulation

28 May 2012

MELBOURNE, MONDAY 28 MAY 2012 What is now the Entertainment Training Package CUE03 is headed towards CUA13, as the  IBSA (Innovation and Skills Australia) review winds through a NPRG (national project reference group) meeting today in Melbourne. The training package dictates the composition of industry training for some years to come, and sometimes these packages…

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Connect with CX Network 2012!

8 May 2012

Welcome to our new CXMagBlog: HERE . Follow us on CX MAG FACEBOOK: HERE. Enjoy CX-TV, now in high-def: HERE. Sign up for CX-FLASH newsletters, here: [jetpack_subscription_form]

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Volunteers and Risk – UPDATED!

21 Dec 2011

Here is what started this topic: Trevor Beck wants to build network of contacts where trusted people are available on gigs to let one or two people come along to observe and learn. But: “I have been told recently that the laws have changed, and that now, me for example, even inviting somebody along to…

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Bad Sound Review: rebuttal

5 Dec 2011

Angus Davidson is the FOH  Engineer for Kimbra and one of the ‘sloppy technicians’ described by Rachel Olding in a Sydney Morning Herald review of Homebake 2011. Quote: …’ARIA single-of-the-year co-star Kimbra, whose big-band, soul-driven set was watered down by sloppy technicians but still delivered the hits just the way we like them.’ Now Tim Freedman’s show…

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