6 Aug 2013

City Theatrical’s SHoW Baby 5 Wireless DMX System

SHoW Baby, the marketing leading wireless DMX system from City Theatrical, has been updated to support five SHoW IDs, allowing systems to be scaled up to multi-universe broadcasts by adding additional transmitters, or to avoid interference from other SHoW Babys in the area.

SHoW Baby 5 is still plug and play.  When you plug in a DMX line from your lighting controller the SHoW Baby transceiver automatically becomes a Transmitter.  Without a DMX line plugged IN, it is a Receiver.

There are still seven indicator lights on the front of the SHoW Baby, four for signal strength, one to designate whether it is a Transmitter, one to designate whether it is a Receiver, and a Data present light. In SHoW Baby 5, that Data light (now labeled ID/Data) serves a second purpose, and that is to designate the show ID.  A small indented button on the back, when pushed, cycles through the five show IDs, and the user only has to be sure the Transmitter and all Receivers have the same colour selected on the Data/ID light.


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