17 Jun 2014

Clay Paky A.LEDA B-EYE K10

The B-EYE K20 with rotating front lens made its world debut at ProLight+Sound 2014. By popular demand,Clay Paky has decided to add this important feature to the B-EYE K10.

The K10 and K20 luminaires therefore provide identical features: same optics,same color engine, same visual and“beam” effects. Only the light output changes, since the B-EYE K10 is fitted with 19 LEDs, while the B-EYE K20 has 37. Both versions excel for their light output, higher than other LED fixtures of the same power category. Thanks to its light weight (only 15 kg), its small size and silent operation the B-EYEK 10 is a very interesting luminaire for a variety of professional applications. It is particularly suitable for studio and theatre productions, where its unmatched versatility may be exploited.


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