23 Jan 2014

Counting Down a Huge Summer of Training! At Number 1 – CX Roadshow Seminars!

At Number One in our countdown of training across this wide brown land this summer is our very own CX Roadshow Seminars!

There’s a seminar for everyone as the CX Roadshow swings through Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth in February! (No seminars in Canberra, sorry).

Julius Grafton presents ‘Dirty Money’, your invaluable guide to avoiding the sharks and shysters in our industry. On a happier note, Julius also presents ‘Sustainable Stages’, an overview of the latest technology, tips, traps and techniques for better sustainability and return on investment from stage and technical assets.

Nerding out to the extreme will be Jason Allen, presenting two hands-on digital networking seminars. ‘Simple I.T. for AV techs – hands on!’ guides the networking beginner through IP Addressing, managed switches and other Ethernet basics. ‘Dante and AVB – hands-on network building’ gives attendees the chance to build their own Dante and AVB networks, getting to grips with the two digital protocols changing the way we work.

Registration, schedules, dates and more are all available here:




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