14 Nov 2018

Court troubles at ELB

By Julius Grafton.

Sydney based global integrator ELB, formerly Electroboard, is not a happy ship. Numerous ex staff have contacted CX over the past several years to allege staff were treated ‘harshly’ and now the firm has several judgements against it.

Where there is smoke there is fire, as ELB managing director Marie Kaliviotis (formerly Bolton) is adversely named in two court matters – Fatouros v Broadreach Services Pty Ltd [2018] FCCA 769, and The Fair Work Commission which found that ELB unfairly dismissed Alan Cheek, the company’s former NSW project manager.

Broadreach is a company acquired by ELB. It was ordered to pay $144,570.48 in compensation plus a pecuniary penalty of $12,500 to the dismissed worker, Spiros Fatouros. His treatment as outlined in the case was appalling after he protested at the non payment of a critical subcontractor at a major Melbourne installation.

Similarly Alan Cheek, who was awarded $18,980 detailed abusive emails and bullying behaviour along with false accusations levied against him.

Employment review website Glassdoor carries 24 reviews of ELB, with the first headed ‘You be the judge’ appearing in June 2017. Next comes ‘Slap in the face’, followed by the first of many (20 of 24) highly positive reviews – many of which lavishly single out Ms. Kaliviotis (Bolton) for praise. One positive review notes that job seekers should not pay attention to the negative reviews by a ‘disgruntled ex-employee’. CX does not suggest anyone fabricated any reviews on Glassdoor, and notes that anyone can post an anonymous review of any employer.

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