1 Apr 2015

Creative Productions go Full Boar 4

Creative Productions are a full-service production company nestled into the heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast, with expertise in lighting, audio, staging and mobile stages. Their lighting inventory and operators can be found working across the spectrum of gigs, from conferences and seminars through to full-blown rock ‘n ‘roll. They have chosen the High End Systems Hog family as one the mainstays of their lighting control arsenal, and recently added another Full Boar 4, DP-8000 DMX processor and Wings to a whole family of Hogs.

“We’re using our Full Boar 4 on everything from corporate functions right through to touring festivals,” said Leigh. “Any gig we can put it on, we do. We’re using it for vision, too. Next week we’re linking two Full Boars together, one to act as a tracking back-up while allowing for multiple users. We’ll also be using it to trigger vision from media servers.”

The Full Boar 4 packs all the power of the bigger Hog 4 into a smaller package. Though already big enough for the most demanding gigs, it can be expanded with Wholehog wings and two external touchscreens via its five USB ports, ready to control on four fixed universes of DMX 512 and up to 12 universes of DMX 512 over ArtNet or sACN. Two 15” 10-point multi-touch screens, five encoders, 12 LCD User Keys, ten motorised faders plus a motorised grand master and a trackball make the user interface a pleasure to drive.


But it’s not just the ergonomics that Leigh rates highly. “We really like the ability to get fixture libraries whipped up quickly. If anything crazy, new or unfamiliar pops up, we can get the libraries sorted in- house, get the show running, and even email the show files to interchange between our other High End Systems consoles. That’s why they’re our workhorses, our go-to consoles. They’re reliable, we know them backwards, and on the rare occasions we’re not using them, convention centres and other production companies are hiring them from us.”

Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair has contributed greatly to Leigh’s confidence in his Hog fleet. “Lexair have been superb,” praised Leigh “From buying our first console through every subsequent purchase, Lexair have been honest, looked after us and backed us up. Their service is fantastic.”


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